Python development "notes": Git&github Quick Start

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Getting started with GitHub

Brief introduction:

Many people know that Linus in 1991 to create the open source of Linux, since then, the development of Linux systems, has become the largest server system software.

Linus Although Linux was created, but the expansion of Linux relies on enthusiastic volunteers all over the world, so many people write code for Linux worldwide, how is the code of Linux managed?

The fact is, before 2002, volunteers from all over the world sent the source code files by diff to Linus, and then by Linus himself to merge the code by hand!

You might think, why Linus not put Linux code in the version control system? Don't you have CVS, SVN, these free version control systems? Because Linus is firmly opposed to CVS and SVN, these centralized version control systems are slow and must be networked to use. There are some commercial version control system, although more than CVS, SVN, but that is paid, and the Linux open source spirit does not match.

However, by the year 2002, the Linux system has been developed for 10 years, the size of the code base makes it difficult for Linus to continue to manage by hand, the community's brothers also expressed strong dissatisfaction with this way, so Linus chose a commercial version control system BitKeeper, BitKeeper's owner, BitMover, has granted the Linux community free access to this version control system in the spirit of humanitarianism.

The great situation of unity and stability was broken in the 2005, because the Linux community cattle gathered, inevitably contaminated with some Liangshan heroes of the lakes and rivers habits. Andrew, who developed samba, tried to crack BitKeeper's protocol (and he was not the only one), and was discovered by the BitMover company (monitoring works well!). ), so BitMover company anger, to recover the free use of the Linux community.

Linus can apologize to BitMover company and make sure to discipline the brethren later, well, it is impossible. The reality is this:

Linus spent two weeks writing a distributed version control system in C, which is git! Within one months, the Linux system's source code has been managed by Git! How does a cow define it? You can appreciate it.

Git quickly became the most popular distributed version control system, especially in 2008, when the GitHub site was online (GitHub is a git-based code hosting platform, paying users can build private warehouses, and our general free users only use public repositories, i.e. the code is open.) ), it provides free git storage for open source projects, and countless open source projects are migrating to GitHub, including Jquery,php,ruby and more.

History is so accidental, if not the BitMover company to threaten the Linux community, we may now have no free and super-useful git.

Today, GitHub is:

    • A community of 1.43 million developers. Among them are top hackers such as the Linux inventor Torvalds, and young geeks such as Rails founder DHH.
    • The most popular open source hosting service on the planet. Currently hosting 4.31 million Git projects, not only are more and more well-known open source projects moving into GitHub, such as Ruby on Rails, JQuery, Ruby, ERLANG/OTP, and nearly three years of popular open source libraries often start on GitHub, for example: BootStrap, node. js, Coffescript, etc.
    • Alexa Global rankings 414 website.

Python development "notes": Git&github Quick Start

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