Python expansion 1 Week1-week5 review review

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1.python Basic concepts and basic grammar

2.python Basic Data type

3.python Module Related

4.python function Correlation

5.python Object-oriented correlation

6.python file Processing Related

First, Python basic concepts and basic grammar

1.python is a language, what are the pros and cons, what are the areas of application?

What is the function of the variables in 2.python, and how should they be properly named?

3. Explain Python's and-or syntax

How does 4.python manage memory?

What are the variable scopes in 5.python? How do I view scopes?

What is the function of the pass statement in 6.Python?

What is the nature of the variables in 7.python? What is the nature of def?

8. Brief description of the looping and branching statements in Python

9. Brief description of ternary operation writing format and application scenario

10. Is there a tool that can help find Python bugs and perform static code analysis?

What is the difference between 11.python3/and//and * *?

Ii. python basic data type

What is the difference between the variable data types in the 12.python underlying data type and which are immutable data types?

What are the two ways to stitch a 13.python string?

How do 14.python strings split?

How to remove some characters from the beginning or end of a 15.python string

What are the two methods of 16.python string formatting?

How does the 17.python list be added and censored?

18.python how to get the intersection of two lists and the difference set

19. How to reverse the sequence of an iteration? How does I iterate over a sequence in reverse order

20.Python Interview Question: Write a Python code to delete the repeating element in a list

What is the difference between a tuple and a list in 21.python

What is the character of a dictionary in 22.python

How to increase the deletion of dictionaries in 23.python

What are the characteristics of 24.python collections?

25. How do I generate a mutable collection, and how do I build an immutable collection?

What are the two major roles of 26.python collections?

How does the 27.Python perform type conversion?

28.Python How to implement the conversion of tuple and list?

29. Write a Python code to delete the repeating element in a list

30.Python How to copy an object?

31. How do I use Python to query and replace a text string?

What can be done in the 32.python slicing action object, and how?

33.Python How to implement the conversion of tuple and list?

34. What is the list deduction, please give an example

Third, Python module related

35. How do I use Python to send mail?

How are modules imported in 25.python?

26.ATM Directory has two directories A and b,a under B has, how to import from Please write code with generality to solve this problem

What is the difference between search () and match () in 48.Python?

74. How to alias a module

75. Brief introduction of Re.findall ()

76.python how to get command-line arguments

77. Brief description of serialization and deserialization

78. Brief introduction of JSON module and pickle module

79. Brief introduction of Shelve module

What is the role of the 80.shutil module?

81. Brief introduction of Configparser module and logging module

49. What is the difference between,<.*> and <.*?> when matching HTML tags with python?

How to generate random numbers in 50.Python?

Iv. python function correlation

2. Briefly describe the difference between the input and output functions in Python2 and Python3

21. Briefly describe the function of the built-in functions globals () and locals ()

27. Please briefly describe the function

36. Briefly describe the nested functions in Python

51.Python How do I define a function?

63. Brief description of enumerate, zip

64. Brief description of ITER

What functions in 65.python built-in functions are manipulated for sequences?

What is the difference between 66.sorted () and sort ()

What is the difference between 67.type () and Isinstance ()

68. Describe the hash function

69.len () What objects can be used for

82. Briefly describe the relationship between iterators, generators, and both

What is the difference between 83.yield, return, next?

84. What is the difference between an iterative object and an iterator

85. How to determine which objects and iterators can be iterated

86. How to create a generator

87. How to traverse the generator

53. How do I set a global variable in a function?

54. There are two sequences, a, B, the size is n, the value of the sequence element arbitrarily shaped number, unordered; requirement: To minimize the difference between [sequence A and] and [sequence B elements] by exchanging the elements in A/b

37. Brief description of lambda expression writing format and application scenario

38. What is a recursive function? What are the characteristics of recursive functions? What is the gist of writing a recursive function?

39. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of functional programming and functional programming

40. Brief description of higher order functions and closures

41. How do I output a Fibonacci sequence in Python?

28. What is the default return value for a function?

29. Does the function pass a reference or copy value when passing a parameter? Please prove your answer!

30. Brief description of function position parameters, keyword parameters, default parameters, variable length parameters and considerations

31. Describe the difference between the range function in Python3 and the range function in python2.7

32. What is the difference between the built-in function any and all

22. Describe the difference between break, continue and return

What are the functions commonly used in 18.python for sequence operations? Please list several and explain its role

92. Please briefly describe the adorner and briefly describe the application scenario

V. Object-oriented Python-related

88. What is the open-closed principle

89. What is the difference between object-oriented and process-oriented?

90. What is the object-oriented 3 major feature?

5.python is a complete object-oriented language, why?

91.python What is the difference between a static method and a class method in object-oriented

93. Brief description of properties in Python-oriented objects

What is the difference between a new class and a legacy class in 94.python object-oriented?

95. Brief description of exception handling in Python

96. Brief description of assertions and context management in Python

97. Describe the self parameter in Python

100. What is the difference between an exception and an error?

60. Introduce the usage and function of except?

Vi. python file processing related

70.python How to open a file and how to read the file contents when opened?

How do I add content behind a source file in 71.python?

How do I modify a file in 72.python?

73. Describe the character encoding of Python2 and Python3

33. Brief description of how file open mode R and RB differ

55. How do I delete a file in Python?

56.Python How do I copy a file?

Python expansion 1 Week1-week5 review review

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