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Python is so popular because it works in many different areas, and the most widely used areas of Python today include Python Web (back-end) development, data analysis Mining, web crawlers, machine learning AI, devops development, and more. Whichever direction you choose, the basics of Python will help you get better at the field.

Introductory series

"Python programming: Getting Started to practice"

This book is a Python primer for all levels of Python readers, combining theory and practice with the basics above, followed by practical projects to help you better use this knowledge.

Watercress Rating: 9.0 recommended index:?????

PDF Address:

"Python programming quick to get Started"

This book is a practical Guide to practical Python programming. The purpose of this book is not only to introduce the basic knowledge of the Python language, but also to teach the reader how to apply the knowledge and skills through project practice.

Watercress Rating: 9.3 Recommended index:?????

PDF Address: Http://

Think of Python like a computer scientist (2nd edition)

This book is designed to develop the reader's thinking in the same way as a computer scientist, a practical learning guide for programmers who have no experience in Python programming, and a lot of updates to the 2nd and 1th editions of the book, upgrading the programming language from Python 2 to Python 3

Watercress Rating: 8.7 Recommended index:????

PDF Address: Http://

The Python learning Handbook, like Python core programming, is an introductory book, but these books are more suitable for developers with some programming experience. If you're already getting started with Python, you might want to look at these books to help you gain a deeper understanding of some of the details in Python.

Advanced Series

"Fluent Python"

2017 Best Python Advanced book, written by Luciano Ramalho, who fought for nearly 20 years in the development of Python, Victor Stinner, Alex Martelli, and other Python big-bang technology reviewers, Analyze programming details from the language design level, taking into account Python 3 and Python 2, and tell you about the causes and solutions of the language traps that you don't understand in Python, and teach you to write a native Python code.

Watercress Rating: 9.1 Recommended index:?????

PDF Address:

"Python Cookbook Chinese Version"

This book covers many of the common problems in Python applications and presents a common solution. The book contains a number of practical programming techniques and sample code that are ideal for Python programmers with a certain programming foundation to read

Watercress Rating: 8.9 recommended index:?????


Python book recommends a wave of "PDF included"

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