Python data analysis, R language and Data Mining | learning materials sharing 05, python Data Mining

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Python data analysis, R language and Data Mining | learning materials sharing 05, python Data Mining

Python Data Analysis

Why python for data analysis?

In terms of data analysis and interaction, exploratory computing, and data visualization, Python will inevitably be close to other open-source and commercial programming languages/tools, such as R, MATLAB, SAS, and Stata. In recent years, Python has continuously improved libraries (mainly pandas), making it an alternative to data processing tasks. Combined with its powerful capabilities in general programming, we can use only the Python language to build data-centric applications.


R LanguageIt is an interpreted language developed by AT&T Bell Laboratory for data exploration, statistical analysis, and plotting.


Data Mining(English: Data mining) is a step in database Knowledge Discovery (English: Knowledge-Discovery in Databases (KDD. Data Mining generally refers to the process of searching and hiding information from a large amount of data through algorithms. Data Mining is usually related to computer science and involves Statistics, online analysis and processing, information retrieval, machine learning, and expert systems (relying on previous empirical rules) and pattern recognition.





This article focuses on code practices and e-books, including Chinese and English documents. You will share your python video later.


Content of this sharing

  • Python Data Analysis

  • R Language

  • Data Mining


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