Python learning videos from getting started to mastering (plus project Combat)

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The first part
1. Introduction to programming languages
2, the Python Foundation, introduces the history, the development situation and the present situation Python installs, the environment prepares the programming style, the grammar request, the variable format and so on
3, basic Process Control, program flow control
4. Examples and explanations of Python practice

Part II
1. Homework and explanation after class
2, processing files, modify the file content list through Python meta-fathers explain exercises
3, comprehensive practice detailed explanation
Python Dictionary explanation exercises
Function explanation Exercises
Functions and after-school assignments

Part III
After-school homework explanation
Introduction and use of Python modules, common modules introduced pickle serialization
Self-customizing module exception handling, custom exception classes, Python function concepts, syntax, function parameters
Return Regular expression, project practice:
Exercises and after-school assignments
Fourth part
1, the object-oriented Programming foundation, the basic syntax of the class, the function of the following class use, class invocation, class inheritance,
2. Python Exception handling
3, after-school homework explanation

Fifth part
1 after-school homework explanation
2, Socket introduction, Python socket syntax, simple socket interactive program, socket server development and use, actual combat

Sixth part
1. Last Lecture review
2, the actual combat through the Python script to connect MySQL database to achieve automatic data warehousing, update
3, actual combat development of C/S architecture backup server for remote backup

Seventh part
Software framework for the development of nagios-like monitoring
Python Multithreading Development Explained practice
Python multi-Thread practical walkthrough
Using the Paramiko module practice

Eighth part
Html/javascript Foundation
Introduction and use of WEB JS package BootStrap
Using JSON (for exchanging memory data between different programs)
Jquery/ajax Foundation and use

Nineth part
Python Django Framework Development: WEB Schema Django Introduction, usage, Django,django view
Django models using MySQL database, Django template, Django Url,django Admin

Python learning videos from getting started to mastering (plus project Combat)

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