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Environment: CentOS6.4

A monitoring script written in Python,, runs with while true and starts the script with the following command when SSH is remote (using the Putty Terminal):

python &

Now the script is working properly, through the PS can see the process number, this time directly close the SSH terminal (not with the Exit command, is directly through the Putty Close button execution), log in again after the discovery process has exited.

Through the background to start the way the problem has been resolved, here summarized below, also convenient for me to check later.

Linux under the background run by Fork implementation

In the Linux environment, the daemon is implemented by fork in C, and Python can be implemented in this way, with the sample code as follows:

#!/usr/bin/env pythonImportTime,platformImportOSdefFunzionedemo ():#This is an example of a specific business functionFout = open ('/tmp/demone.log','W')     whileTrue:fout.write (Time.ctime ()+'\ n') Fout.flush () Time.sleep (2) Fout.close ()defCreatedaemon ():#Fork Process    Try:        ifOs.fork () >0:os._exit (0)exceptOSError, Error:Print 'Fork #1 failed:%d (%s)'%(Error.errno, Error.strerror) os._exit (1) Os.chdir ('/') Os.setsid () os.umask (0)Try: PID=os.fork ()ifPID >0:Print 'Daemon PID%d'%pid os._exit (0)exceptOSError, Error:Print 'Fork #2 failed:%d (%s)'%(Error.errno, Error.strerror) os._exit (1)    #REDIRECT standard IOSys.stdout.flush () sys.stderr.flush () Si= File ("/dev/null",'R') So= File ("/dev/null",'A +') se= File ("/dev/null",'A +', 0) os.dup2 (Si.fileno (), Sys.stdin.fileno ()) os.dup2 (So.fileno (), Sys.stdout.fileno ()) os.dup2 (Se.fileno (), Sys.stderr.fileno ())#executing code in a child processFunzionedemo ()#function Demoif __name__=='__main__':     ifPlatform.system () = ="Linux": Createdaemon ()Else: Os._exit (0)
Through the upstart way to achieve

The application can be encapsulated as a system service via upstart, where the complete example is recorded directly.

1. Writing a Python script

[[email protected] t27]# cat!/usr/bin/env pythonimport os,timewhile True :    print time.time()    time.sleep(1)

2. Write Upstat configuration file

[[email protected] t27]# cat /etc/init/mikeTest.confdescription "My test"author "[email protected]"start on runlevel [234]stop on runlevel [0156]chdir /test/t27exec /test/t27/test123.pyrespawn

3. Reload Upstate

initctl reload-configuration

4. Start the service

[[email protected] t27]# start mikeTestmikeTest start/running, process 6635[[email protected] t27]# ps aux | grep test123.pyroot      6635  0.0  0.0  22448  3716 ?        Ss   09:55   0:00 python /test/t27/test123.pyroot      6677  0.0  0.0 103212   752 pts/1    S+   09:56   0:00 grep

5. Stop the Service

[[email protected] t27]# stop mikeTestmikeTest stop/waiting[[email protected] t27]# ps aux | grep test123.pyroot      6696  0.0  0.0 103212   752 pts/1    S+   09:56   0:00 grep[[email protected] t27]#

Through the Bash script implementation

1. Python Code

[[email protected] test]# cat!/usr/bin/env pythonimport os,timewhile True :    print time.time()    time.sleep(1)

2. Write the startup script

[[email protected] test]# cat! /bin/shpython &

3. Start the process

[[email protected] test]#./

If you start the process directly with &:

python &

Shutting down the SSH terminal directly causes the process to exit.

Through screen, Tmux and other ways to achieve

If the temporary running program, you can start the program through screen, Tmux, here describes the way the Tmux start.

1. Start Tmux


2. Start the program in Tmux

Directly execute the following command (script reference above): Python

3, directly close the SSH terminal (such as putty on the Close button);

4. After re-SSH, execute the following command:

tmux attach

Now you can see that the Python program is still performing normally.

Windows run under Background

Python script background run

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