Python implements a simple HTTP proxy

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There is a openwrt router, 16M Flash storage + 64M memory, can be installed Python. Because there is no URL to the site access records, want to write one.


HTTP 1.1 is a TCP connection with header and body

Using Python Listen 8000 port

Setting up the browser, using localhost 8000 http proxy mode

SOURCE py2.7:

1 #Coding:utf-82 ImportSocket3 ImportSYS4 ImportRe5 ImportOS6 Import Time7 8Host =''9Port = 8000Ten  One #creating a Socket object AProxy_sock =Socket.socket (Socket.af_inet,socket. SOCK_STREAM) - Try: - Proxy_sock.bind ((host,port)) the except: -Sys.exit ("python proxy bind error") -  - Print "python proxy Open" +  -Proxy_sock.listen (1024) +  whileTrue: ACONN,ADDR =proxy_sock.accept () at os.fork () -     Print "Client Connent:{0}:{1}". Format (addr[0], addr[1]) -  -     #Receive Data -Client_data = CONN.RECV (1024) -  in     #analysis to get header information -Header = Client_data.split ("\ r \ n") toHost = Header[1].split (":") [1].strip () +url = header[0].split (" ") [1].strip () -  the     #Statistical Access Records *     PrintTime.strftime ("%y-%m-%d%h:%m:%s", Time.localtime (Time.time ())) $     PrintHostPanax Notoginseng     PrintURL -  the     #Establish a connection +Http_sock =Socket.socket (Socket.af_inet,socket. SOCK_STREAM) AHttp_sock.connect (Host, 80)) the Http_sock.sendall (client_data) +      while(True): -Http_data = HTTP_SOCK.RECV (1024) $         ifHttp_data: $ conn.send (http_data) -         Else: -              Break the http_sock.close () - Wuyi #Close all Connections the proxy_sock.close () - Print "python proxy close"

From the header can be extracted to, access to the URL, cookies and other information, theoretically non-HTTPS can also be extracted to post information.

The disadvantage is that the performance is not good and does not implement Connection: keep-alive

Because the use of Fork () win should not be used.

It seems that it is better to add in the network card driver.

Python implements a simple HTTP proxy

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