Python in front of a few words meaning

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Start: Starting from xxx (startswith)

End: Cut to XXX (EndsWith) not included

. Capitalize () #首字母大写

. Title () #标题, capitalize the first letter of each word (special characters, Chinese is also considered special characters here)

. Upper () #转换成大写字母

. Lower () #全部成小写

. Swapcase () #大小写转换

. Center (value) is elongated to 10 characters, filled by *

. Strip () #去掉左右两边空格

. Lstrip () #去掉左边空格

. Rstrip () #去掉右边空格

. replace () # replacement

. Split () #切割

. Count () #数数

. Find () #查找

. Index () #索引位置

. StartsWith () #是否以什么开头

. EndsWith () #是否以什么结尾

. Isalnum () #是否由数字和字母组成

. Isdgit () #是否以数字开头

. IsNumeric () #是否全是数字

. Isalpha () #是否由字母组成

Len () #判断字符串长度


. Append () # Append

. Insert () #插入

. Extend () #扩展

The list also has slices

. Pop () #弹出最后一个, or specify content

. Remove () #删除

The. Clear () #清空列表

Del #切片删除 del is a keyword

The. Sort () #升序

. Reverse () #翻转 (or descending)


Range can help us get to a set of data that can be obtained through a For loop,

Add: dic[' key ']= ' value ' (existing on modification, not present is new addition)

Dic.setdefault (' key ')

. SetDefault (' key ', ' value ') #新增

. SetDefault (' key ', ' value ') #存在不执行任何操作

. Popitem () #随机删除

The. Get () #查询

". Join (LST) #把列表变成字符串, concatenate the list with the preceding string, return the string

R Read-only mode

W Write-only mode

A Append write mode

r+ read/write mode (emphasis)

w+ Read-write mode (not commonly used)

A + append read/write mode (not commonly used)

Strip (except for removing spaces. You can also wrap)

Python in front of a few words meaning

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