Python Learning Summary 4

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I did a question on Codewears today, only 6kyu, but I got a lot of it.

The title is: Write a function, Sum_dig_pow (A, B), find range[a, b]之间所有符合特殊规则的的数字,将其放入列表中,并返回。

This particular rule is as follows;

135 = 1^1 + 3^2 + 5^3

89 = 8^1 + 9^2

The functions that I wrote at the beginning are:

Import Mathdef Sum_dig_pow (A, B):     lis=[] for    i in range (a,b+1): li=[        ]        new_i=i        #找到数字是几位数        k= Int (MATH.LOG10 (new_i))        #将数字切分, such as 135 is cut into [1,3,5] for        J in Range (k+1): li.append (int (new_i/(Math.pow (            10), K-J))))            new_i=new_i% (Math.pow (10,k-j))                #求如 1^1 + 3^2 + 5^3 as shown in and values        ex=1        sum=0 for        x in Li:            Sum+=math.pow (X,ex)            ex+=1                #判断和值是否与当前数字相等        if sum==i:            lis.append (i)                             return lis     

After reviewing some of the previous content, the above code to improve;

Lis=[]def Sum_dig_pow (A, B):     for I in Range (a,b+1):        #将数字切分字符串, such as 135 cut into [' 1 ', ' 3 ', ' 5 ']        li=re.findall (' [0-9 ] ', str (i))        sum=0                #求和        for Key,value in Enumerate (LI):            sum+=pow (int (value), int (key) +1)                        #判断            If sum==i:                lis.append (i)    return lis   


Python Learning Summary 4

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