Python machine learning and practice from scratch to the Kaggle Race road PDF

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This book is intended for all readers interested in the practice and competition of machine learning and data mining, starting from scratch, based on the Python programming language, and gradually leading the reader to familiarize themselves with the most popular machine learning, data mining and natural language processing tools without involving a large number of mathematical models and complex programming knowledge. such as Scikitlearn, NLTK, Pandas, Gensim, Xgboost, Google TensorFlow and so on. The book is divided into 4 chapters. The 1th chapter introduces the machine learning concept and Python programming knowledge, the 2nd chapter is about how to use Scikitlearn as the basic machine learning tool, and the 3rd chapter is about how to improve the performance of existing machine learning system by advanced technology or model. 4th Chapter Contest, With the Kaggle platform as the object, help the reader to use the model and skills introduced in this book, to complete three representative competition tasks.

Python machine learning and practice from scratch to the Kaggle Race road PDF

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