python--multiple ways to concatenate strings

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Python has a lot of string connections, today in writing code, by the way, from the most original string connection to string list connection, we feel the following:

The most primitive way to connect strings:str1 + str2
Python new string connection syntax:str1, str2
Strange string way:str1 str2
% connection string:' name:%s; sex:%s '% (' tom ', ' Male ')
String list connection:str.join (some_list)

First, presumably as long as the programmer has the experience of the people, it is estimated that the direct use of "+" to connect two strings:

>>> print (' jim ' + ' green ')

The second is special, if two strings are separated by "comma", then the two strings will be concatenated, but there will be a space between the strings:

>>> print (' Jim ', ' Green ')
Jim Greem

The third is also Python-specific, as long as the two strings together, the middle of a blank or no blank: two strings are automatically connected to a string:

>>> print (' jim ' Green ')

The fourth function is more powerful, drawing on the function of the printf function in C, if you have a C language basis, look at the document to know. In this way, a string and a set of variables are concatenated with the symbol "%", and the special tags in the string are automatically replaced with the variables in the right variable group:

>>> print ('%s,%s '% (' Jim ', ' Green ')

The fifth type is the technique, using the string function join. This function takes a list and then connects each element of the list with a string:

Var_list = [' Tom ', ' David ', ' John ']
A = ' # # # '
>>> Print (A.join (var_list))
tom## #david # # #john

In fact, Python also has a way of string connection, but not much, is the string multiplication, such as:

In fact, Python also has a way of string connection, but not much, is the string multiplication, such as:

A = ' abc '
>>> Print (a*3)

python--multiple ways to concatenate strings

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