"Python Network Programming Cookbook" Reading notes 0---Preface

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Recently intends to learn the content of Python web development, so online to find a "Python Network programming Cookbook" ebook to do the textbook, by the way, learn to learn this through the form of a blog to share with you.

This book is not long, the English original is only 234 pages, but the coverage is very wide, tcp/udp Http/https FTP SMTP POP3 IMAP CGI are introduced, according to chapters, the blog will be described in the following 9 sections:

  1. sockets, IPV4, simple client/server programs
  2. Better performance: multiplexing socket I/O
  3. IPV6, UNIX sockets, network interfaces
  4. HTTP Network programming
  5. Email protocol, FTP,CGI programming
  6. Bots, other utilities
  7. Programming across machine boundaries (programming Across machines boundaries)
  8. Web Services: Xml-rpc,soap,rest
  9. Network Monitoring and security

Each knowledge point has sample code, and at the end of each chapter there is a small project to practice the knowledge points learned earlier. The code in the book environment is python2.7, I use the Python3, the two inconsistencies in the place I will specifically explain.

"Python Network Programming Cookbook" Reading notes 0---Preface

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