Python Practice One

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#题目链接: Https://


1. Backing up files

[email protected] ~]# cat import timeimport ossource=['/root/py/', '/root/tx ']target= '/tmp/' today_dir= Target+time.strftime ('%y%m%d ') time_dir=time.strftime ('%h%m%s ') touch =today_dir+os.sep+time_dir+ '. zip ' Command_ Touch = "ZIP-QR" +touch+ "+". Join (source) print (Command_touch) if os.path.exists (Today_dir) ==false:os.mkdir (Today_ DIR) if Os.system (Command_touch) ==0:print (' Success backup up ') else:print (' Failed back ') [[email protected] ~]#


#参考链接: PIL Example

From PIL import image,imagefont,imagedrawimport osdef modify_image (image_path,num=1): (Image_Path) mod _img=imagedraw.draw (IMG) myfont=imagefont.truetype (r "C:\Windows\Fonts\Verdana.ttf", Mod_img.text (img.size[1) *3/4,0), str (num), fill= (255,0,0), Font=myfont) save_path=os.path.dirname (image_path) +os.sep+ "Modify" + Os.path.splitext (Image_path) [1] (save_path) if __name__== "__main__": Path=r "C:\Users\chauncey\Desktop\ C.jpg "Modify_image (path,4)

650) this.width=650; "src=" Https:// "title=" Modify.jpg "alt=" Wkiol1mkpyvtjoinaaaok863cok601.jpg "/>


import uuiddef create_code (Num,length):     result=[]    while true:        uid_4= Uuid.uuid4 ()         uid_1=uuid.uuid1 ()          x=str (uid_1). Replace ('-', ')         y=str (uid_4). Replace ('-', ')         result.append ((x+y) [: length])          if len (Result) ==num:             break    for code in result:         print (code) if __name__== ' __main__ ':     create_code (200,21) 
================= restart:c:/users/chauncey/desktop/ 5e742c9c7ccd11e79a0ef5e742c9d7ccd11e7b164f5e742c9e7ccd11e7a0baf5e742c9f7ccd11e79768f5e742ca07ccd11e79c95f5e742ca17ccd11e7 9d15f5e742ca27ccd11e7b8d2f5e742ca37ccd11e79cd6f5e742ca47ccd11e794d7f5e742ca57ccd11e79356f5e742ca67ccd11e7851cf5e742ca77cc D11E790FBF5E7453AE7CCD11E7983EF5E7453AF7CCD11E78775F5E7453B07CCD11E79590F5E7453B17CCD11E7A4F6F ...

0002 References: pymysql example

#mysqlmysql > delete from py_uuid_0002; query ok, 0 rows affected  (0.00 sec) mysql> describe py_uuid_0002;+- ----------+-------------+------+-----+---------+-------+| field     | type         | Null | Key | Default |  extra |+-----------+-------------+------+-----+---------+-------+| uuid_name | varchar (64)  | YES  |     | NULL    |        |+-----------+-------------+------+-----+---------+-------+1 row in  set  (0.00 SEC) mysql> select count (*)  from py_uuid_0002;+----------+|  count (*)  |+----------+|      201 |+----------+1 row in  set  (0.00 sec) #pythonimport  uuidimport pymysqldef&Nbsp;create_code (num,length):    result=[]    while true:         uid_4=uuid.uuid4 ()          UID_1=UUID.UUID1 ()         x=str (uid_1). Replace ('-', ')          y=str (uid_4). Replace ('-', ') '          result.append ((x+y) [: Length])         if len (result) ==num:             break    return  resultdef mysql_conn (host= "", port=3307,user= "root", passwd= "123456", dbname= "test"):     db=pymysql.connect (Host,user,passwd,dbname,port=port)     cursor= Db.cursor ()     return db,cursordef mysql_exec (Db,cursor,result):     for uuid_code  in result:        sql= "insert into py_uuid_0002  VALUES (' "+uuid_code+"); "         try:             cursor.execute (SQL)              Db.commit ()         except:             db.rollback ()         if __name__== ' __main__ ':     result=create_code (201,21)     db,cursor=mysql_conn ()     mysql_exec (Db,cursor,result)     db.close ()

0003: Reference Link: Redis build redis List

Import uuidimport redisdef create_code (num,length):    result=[]     while true:        uid_4=uuid.uuid4 ()          UID_1=UUID.UUID1 ()         x= STR (uid_1). Replace ('-', ')         y=str (uid_4). Replace ('-', ')          result.append ((x+y) [: length])          if len (Result) ==num:             Break    return resultdef save_redis (Result):     r=redis. Redis (host= ' ', port=7000,db=0)     for uuid_code in result:         r.lpush (' Uuid_code1 ', uuid_code) if __name__== ' __main__ ':     result=crEate_code (200,21)     save_redis (Result) 
[[email protected] bin]#/redis-cli-p 7000127.0.0.1:7000> lrange ' uuid_code1 ' 5) "C2df0cfc7d0211e7b85ef" 2) "c2df0 CFB7D0211E78E3FF "3)" c2df0cfa7d0211e79ce3f ">

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Python Practice One

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