PYTHON-PYQT4 Study Material Summary

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One months ago studied the next PyQt4, feeling more good. The interface looks a lot better than Wxpython, and it separates the interface design from the code logic. There are also a lot of information about PYQT4, here I will find a summary of the information, in case I forget all the later.

1.PYQT4 Data Link





2. When writing code, the best help document:


3. Tutorial ebook

Getting_started_with_pyqt4_v1.pdf (6.9M too big can not pass, to leave the mailbox)

The source code attached to the above book: Pyqtsrc.rar

4. I use Pyqt4 write a software (a simple financial statistics software, enough boring it ...) )

Database: SQLite

ORM Framework: Elixir

More information:

Statistics Page:

You can get all the source code for reference and study at the address below, and also welcome to communicate with me.


Update (2014-5-17):

In succession many people ask E-book, recently use Baidu Cloud network disk. In order to facilitate everyone to download, I have shared to the network disk: Http://

PYTHON-PYQT4 Study Material Summary

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