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Previously wrote a log file (TXT file) to extract a specific log, written to the MySQL database script, because the log is too large, maintenance staff to pack the log compressed into the tar.gz format.

TXT file before a single file of more than 2G, a single TXT file packaging compressed into a tar.gz file. So my Python script needs to be modified as well. (Server centos6.3)

Originally wanted a solution, that is, to extract the tar.gz, and then read, read the completion of the extracted files removed, this solution is not not, but not very good, a large file decompression is slow, another decompression after the comparison of the server disk.

Another scenario was found to read the data of the text file in the GZ compressed file directly by line.

This is my test script under Windows:

Import OS
import os.path
import gzip

def read_gz_file (path):
    if Os.path.exists (path):
        with (path, ' R ') as PF: for line in
                yield line
        print (' The path [{}] is not exist! '. Format (path)

con = read_gz_file (' c:\\1.gz ')
if getattr (Con, ' __iter__ ', None): For line in
        Print (line)

strzipfile = ' c:\\1.gz '
strdstfile = ' c:\\2 '
file   =   gzip. Gzipfile (Strzipfile,   "R")
outfile   =   Open (Strdstfile   , "w")
Outfile.write ( ())
Outfile.close ()

Attachment is 1.gz file

Run Result:





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