Python third day: data type

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"" "# String index with slice # string All operations will not change the original string, will only generate a new string s =" ABCDEFGHIGKLM "S1 = s[0] Print (S1) # Gu Tou disregard tail string slicing    S2 = s[0:2] Print (s2) s3 = s[:] # Get all strings print (s3) S4 = s[::-1] # reverse all add-1 print (s4) S5 = S[::3] # [First: Tail: Step] Print (s5) s6 = s[::-2] Print (s6) s7 = s[4:0:-2] Print (s7) "" "# string-related operation name =" Break Dyj "# First letter Uppercase STR1 = Name.capitalize () print (STR1) # full capital, all lowercase str2 = name.upper () STR3 = Name.lower () print (str2, STR3) # case Flip STR4 = Name.swa Pcase () print (STR4) # header uppercase special characters are capitalized (numbers are also special characters) STR5 = "My-name/is*break" STR6 = Str5.title () print (STR6) # left and right padding STR7 = " Break "Str8 = (+,"-") print (STR8) # is not full 8 bits, will put the previous position all add eight bits, full eight will be complete 16 bits STR9 =" Bbbbbbbbbb\tak "Print (STR9) Str10 = Str9.expandtabs () print (STR10) # with what is the case for the beginning (string, start, end) Str11 = Str7.startswith (' Break ', 0, 5) print (STR11) # Find the index by the element to find a return index, can not find the return -1->find# through the element to find the index to find the return index, can not find the error->index_int = Str9.index ("b") _int2 = Str9.find ("b") Print (_ INT,_INT2) # Strip Rstrip Lstrip-around simultaneous deletion only delete rightLeft str12 = "break" Str13 = Str12.strip ("b") print (Str13) # find string Number Str14 = Str9.count ("BBB", 2, 5) print (STR14) # string Split str15 = "b , r,e,a,k "list = Str15.split (", ") print (list) # Format of the three-in-play formatted output s =" I'm {}, this year {} years old, hobby {}, say again, my name {} ". Format (" Break ", 19," Girl "," Break ") print (s) s =" I call {0}, this year {1} years old, hobby {2}, again, my name is {0} ". Format (" Break ", +," Girl ") # inside Write index print (s) # name = input (" Please lose Into your name: ") s =" My Name {name}, this year {age}, hobby {hobby}, again, my name {name} ". Format (Name=name, age=19, hobby=" Girl ") print (s) # string Substitution str_ = "W got KFC Oscar inside the Rafah subject Dallas KFC" str_1 = Str_.replace ("KFC", "Break", 1) # old New num default all replace print (str_1) # is series _str = "Asdjnasjk1  118564 "Print (_str.isalnum ()) # Whether the string is composed of letters and arrays print (Str_.isdigit ()) # String Whether it is made up of numbers print (Str_.isalpha ()) # strings are composed of letters T = "Mobile card hunan everyone look at Cang jing empty" If "Cang jing Empty" in T:print ("The characters you entered contain sensitive words ...") for I in T:print (i)


Python third day: data type

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