Python will be the best programming language in the AI era

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Python will be the best programming language in the AI era

Mobile Internet instead of PC Internet lead in the forefront of the Internet era, Android and iOS once became the two major mobile Internet application platform, the mobile developer is the first choice of two technologies, HTML5 with its cross-platform advantage in mobile Internet application platform occupies an important position, can be said to be the later home. Due to the limitations of technology is difficult to generate more new applications, Internet + products increasingly saturated, mobile internet from the peak of the era gradually tending to smooth development, the next era who is the home? Next application technology who's going to be the one?

In the third Internet conference, Baidu CEO Robin Li once stated: The mobile Internet is no longer possible to appear unicorn, because the market has entered a relatively stable stage of development, the Internet population penetration rate has exceeded 50%. And the future of opportunity in artificial intelligence. Indeed, the internet giant companies in the field of artificial intelligence investment significantly increased, all strive to do AI era "lead brother."

Python as a programming language, its charm is far more than c#,java,c,c++, it is nicknamed "glue language", but also by the love of its programmers as "the most beautiful" programming language. From the cloud, the client, to the IoT terminal, Python applications are ubiquitous and the first programming language of AI.

The advantages of using the Python programming language on artificial intelligence

1. High-quality documentation

2. Platform-independent, can be used on every *nix version now

3. And other object-oriented programming languages are easier and faster than learning

4.Python has many image enhancement libraries like Python Imaging libary,vtk and Maya 3D Visualizer kits, Numeric python, scientific python and many other available tools can be used in numerical and scientific applications.

The 5.Python is designed to be very good, fast, rugged, portable and expandable. This is obviously a very important factor for AI applications.

6. It is useful for a wide range of programming tasks for scientific purposes, from small shell scripts to entire Web site applications.

7. Finally, it is open source. Can get the same community support.

Ai's Python library

The overall AI Library

Aima:python implements the "AI: a Modern approach" algorithm from Russell to Norvigs

Logical programming engine in Pydatalog:python

Simpleai:python implements the artificial intelligence algorithms described in the book "Artificial Intelligence: a modern approach". It focuses on providing an easy-to-use library with good documentation and testing.

Easyai: A python engine for two-person AI games (negative maxima, substitution tables, game resolution)

Machine Learning Library

Pybrain is a flexible, simple and effective algorithm for machine learning tasks, which is a modular Python machine learning library. It also provides a variety of pre-defined environments to test and compare your algorithms.

PYML a bilateral framework written in Python that focuses on SVM and other kernel methods. It supports Linux and Mac OS x.

Scikit-learn is designed to provide a simple and powerful solution that can be reused in a variety of contexts: machine learning is a versatile tool for science and engineering. It is a Python module that integrates classic machine learning algorithms that are closely linked to the Python Science Pack (numpy,scipy.matplotlib).

Mdp-toolkit This is a python-data-processing framework that can be easily extended. It collects supervised and unregulated learning algorithms and other data processing units that can be combined into data processing sequences or more complex feedforward network structures. The implementation of the new algorithm is simple and intuitive. The available algorithms are increasing steadily, including signal processing methods (principal component analysis, independent component analysis, slow feature analysis), Flow learning methods (local linear embedding), centralized classification, probabilistic methods (factor analysis, RBM), data preprocessing methods, and so on.

Natural language and Text processing library

NLTK Open source Python modules, linguistic data and documentation for research and development of natural language processing and text analysis. There are Windows,mac OSX and Linux versions.

Python is bound to become the new darling of the artificial intelligence era, the subject of Python will also introduce a large number of learners, any industry of successful people who are the pioneers, the wave of artificial intelligence has not swept, the choice of Python this subject is prescient. It is essential to choose the right training institution at the right time.

Quality assurance, real, able to learn, can be employed, high-paying training institutions is the best option. In the training institutions are common low-cost recruit novice python developers to do lecturers, common other subjects lecturer now learn Python as a lecturer, delay countless students! Qian Feng Python teaching department to appoint Ms. Yin as teaching director, graduated from Tsinghua University, Microsoft's world's most valuable experts, senior Software architect, csdn renowned technical experts, Microsoft-Tsinghua University Joint Laboratory technical consultant, Tsinghua University Oracle-java founder, Founder of Google Technology Club of Tsinghua University, founder of Linux Technology Club of Tsinghua University. Proficient in python,c/c++, for mobile 3G, voice technology, Java EE, information security, big data and high concurrency have a wealth of development experience, has many years of world's top it enterprise experience. No need to sit in the classroom to see 1 lecturers synchronized video lessons in the country without having to watch live lectures in classrooms without learning atmosphere. Qian Feng uses 100% full face-to-face, the famous teacher a little victory million.

Python will be the best programming language in the AI era

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