Quick Development: My friend and I share the story (1 ),

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Quick Development: My friend and I share the story (1 ),

I was also a junior development intern in. When I first entered the farmland, I wanted to be a high-yield and high-quality coders and Yuan Longping from the codoon community! However, the reality is always cruel. I am a beginner, I fell behind a lot when I first entered the farmland. BUG troubles me every day, but it is also a kind of training. Otherwise, it would be difficult for me to become a qualified code farmer!

But now the times are different, software companies are growing, and competition in the software development industry is becoming increasingly fierce. Companies are increasingly focusing on cost and efficiency. Therefore, many companies are reluctant to recruit inexperienced primary code farmers. The project progress cannot be kept up, and the number of coders in our company cannot be supplemented. You don't have to think about it. It is also normal for leaders to question the abilities of new college students, but it is difficult for high-tech coders to recruit. In the end, it is too tricky for my fortinet leaders. If you raise your salary, we will not be able to cultivate it here!

After several project performances, the leaders are more and more certain about my abilities. After all, I am also the backbone of this company. So he called me again to the office.

Lead: "John, the project progress is so slow that the progress cannot keep up! These days I am sad ."

Me: "Let alone you. I am also in a hurry. Our employees are also impetuous. After all, our overtime work is too frequent ."

Lead: "I also know this, but we can't help but pick up the business !"

Me: "Leaders, how many people can we recruit if we can't do it ?"

Lead: "John, I have never considered this. The current graduates have no experience, and experienced programmers are too difficult to recruit now ."

Me: "You see, or we will hire a group of interns and I will bring them to compile some simple functions and interfaces to speed up our process ."

Lead: "..."

Me: "You can rest assured that I didn't disappoint you twice, and this time it won't disappoint you ."

Lead: "Well, if you solve this problem, I will give you a promotion and a raise !"

(Lead, you said you want to give me a promotion and a raise. They haven't been added for the next year !)

A few days later, I came to the bottom of my hand as the first intern, Yang Xiaohua, who was still a pretty girl juice! A little excited! So I handed her a form design task. But after giving her this task, she ran to me in three days. Ah, the same is true for people. You can't just look at the beauty of others and recruit them! What if her technology doesn't work?

Xiaohua: "Brother Six, I have developed a similar form, but the team lead said that the form interface is not beautiful and I have to re-develop it. What should I do ?"

Me: "Xiaohua, this form does not work. You can see that the text box and the spacing of table fields are not properly aligned. Form is also part of the system. If the system is a face, we cannot make it defective, right ?"

Xiaohua: "Sixth Brother, people also know this truth. But people only make up, not artists !"

Me: "Xiaohua, I told you, let's do this. I need to know more about technologies, and I don't want to be overwhelmed by technologies! You also need to learn more new positions ."

Xiaohua: "When are you kidding me. People are in a hurry! This re-development progress cannot keep up !"

Me: "The Sixth Brother will help you with this. This is my quick development tool. You can use it !"

Xiaohua: "Hello, Sixth Brother! But they won't use it. This time you will teach people !"

Me: "You can see it ."

"Let's first go to the quick development tool interface"


Xiaohua: "Sixth Brother, this interface is really beautiful !"

Me: "Xiaohua, although appearance is very important, you should not only look at appearance. This tool has powerful internal functions! But after all, there are very few boys like this software. You see, although Brother Six is not so tall and mighty, I am very good at technology! Next, choose System Management> agile development> PC development. On the PC development page, select A single table Development template (A) and click development ."



Me: "You should be able to understand it. This step is to select a data table ."

Xiaohua: "Sixth Brother, this software is so convenient that you don't need to link your own database"


Me: "Yes, Brother Six won't be hiding secrets for you. You should remember what Brother Six is doing. You can also change this primary key here !"


Me: "If you look at this, your form is not beautiful, and this function can perfectly solve the layout problem !"




Me: "The layout is good. That's what it looks like. Then we can set the form page and select the corresponding field ."


Me: "move the mouse to the right, click this edit control, and we will fill in the corresponding information. Click "Next" and the form code will all come out. Do you think it is very simple? Of course, I am just a simple demonstration. You still need to design your form by yourself ."






Xiaohua: "Sixth Brother, with your development tool, I will be able to complete this task. I will go to work here ."

Me: "Xiaohua, don't worry. I will give you the address and user name and password of this quick development tool! Don't eat together after work !"

Xiaohua: "Sixth Brother, next time !"

Experience address: http://learun.cn: 8090/

Username: System password: 0000


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