Quick Start Linux Play typical application video tutorial Linux Basic tutorial Php/java/python environment configuration

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The 1th chapter of the course introduction
The contents of this chapter will give you all the knowledge of this course browse through .

The 2nd Chapter Linux Introduction
This lesson will bring you together to learn about the Linux distribution history, the application areas of Linux, and the learning methods and experiences of Linux.

3rd installation of CentOs
This lesson will lead you to learn how to build a Linux CentOS operating system from a virtual machine. and explain the current better cloud server platform. Prepare for the next learning Linux environment!

The 4th Chapter preparatory work
This lesson is primarily for centos optimization. Replace the default source is to install software faster, Vim is installed to facilitate the operation of text, the basic operation of the network.

The 5th topic of remote Connection SSH
This chapter will focus on the remote Connection tool SSH, which is one of the key learning points of Linux. The basic principles and importance of SSH are introduced first. The installation of SSH server and client is explained later. Demonstrates how to manage multiple server operations by connecting to a CentOS server on a different platform SSH client, and by SSH key for password-free login. ...

The 6th chapter of Linux Common commands explained
to harness the CentOS system, you need to be familiar with Linux commands. This chapter will work with you to learn and practice Linux basic commands. including software operations, text editing artifact vim, server hardware resource operations, text and folder operations, user actions, disk-related operations, firewall security settings, right sudo, different platform file upload download. 工欲善其事 its prerequisite, these commands are the most common operation of Linux, we should practice carefully. ...

7th Chapter webserver installation and configuration explanation
This chapter explains Webserver, and will explain the common Apache and NIGNX respectively. will focus on the most popular nginx in business. Courses include software installation, virtual hosting and pseudo-static settings, and Nginx's advanced skill log formatting, reverse proxy, load balancing, and debugging techniques.

8th Chapter Database Services
a program without a database is called a page. This chapter will focus on MySQL, the most popular open source database. Includes MySQL installation, password initialization, remote connection, general Log, new user, assign permissions, root password reset.

9th Chapter Caching Services
The caching service is one of the most needed in a business system, and a good caching service can provide faster and better service to the system. This chapter describes the more popular two memory cache Redis and memcache. Includes memcache yum installation, Redis source code installation. The caching service is demonstrated through the Telnet command line.

10th chapter GIT installation and use
as a member of the Internet, Git is a professional skill that must be understood. Git is the most popular distributed de-centralized version management tool. This includes Git installation, basic operation commands, and secret-free operation.

11th Chapter PHP Framework tp5,lavaral Yii2.0 Environment Configuration
MVC Framework is the basic of all development languages, this course will explain the PHP auspicious three Treasures Yii2, TP5, Laravel5 of the operating environment configuration. Combine Nginx, Mysql, Redis, Memcache to demonstrate multi-service collaboration

12th Java Runtime Environment configuration
Java is a very popular back-end programming language. has always been one of the most popular development languages for developers. This chapter explains the installation of JDK, Tomcat, MAVEN, and Tomcat operations commands.

The 13th Chapter python running Environment
Python is the most recommended second-Mother development language for individuals, and Python has a very good library for machine learning, which is easy for developers to learn. This chapter describes PIP installation, the use of virtual environments, and the flask framework.

Chapter 14th Service Management
There are several important services that we need to know about Linux: Crontab timed task management tool, time Synchronization service, logrotate log cutting service, Supervisor process Management Service.

15th Chapter monitoring Artifact Zabbix
The server is like a human body and monitoring status is required to be notified in advance through a health check. Zabbix as an operational monitoring evergreen tree, it is easy to monitor thousands of servers. This section explains the installation of Zabbix, the basic configuration item monitoring of the server.

The 16th chapter of the course summary

Review the key knowledge of the course.

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Quick Start Linux Play typical application video tutorial Linux Basic tutorial Php/java/python environment configuration

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