"[Oracle][odbc][ora]ora-12154:tns: Unable to resolve the specified connection identifier" Error resolution using PowerDesigner connection Oralce in win7x64

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Error description
  1. The operating system is Win7 x64,oracle server is oracle11g x64, the client is ORACLE10GR2 x86.

  2. Connection is normal using Pl-sql developer

  3. Using the system ODBC connection is OK. It is important to note that the 64-bit system starts with the 64-bit ODBC data Source Manager by default, and the default point is to the server connection, so you need to configure the TNS service Name for the Oracle server as well, otherwise the error is also connected. PowerDesigner is a 32-bit ODBC data Source Manager that is started by default and the program path is "%systemroot%\syswow64\odbcad32.exe".

  4. Using the same configuration to connect to the database in PowerDesigner, the dead and alive are unsuccessful and always reported "[Oracle][odbc][ora]ora-12154:tns: Unable to resolve the specified connection identifier" error.

Solution Solutions
  1. ORA-12154 error is generally due to the TNS Service name configuration is not correct, in this case can be normal connection pl-sql, obviously not the reason, excluded.

  2. Another reason is the path problem, Oracle is more critical of the path, special characters are usually the culprit. 64-bit system installation 32-bit programs are installed by default in program Files (x86), so is this the reason to consider this example? Oracle installation path is D:\Oracle, no problem; Pl-sql path is also the D packing directory, no problem. Combined with the system ODBC can be normal connection, and powerdesigner can not be normal connection situation, is powerdesigner path problem? Check the path of the next PowerDesigner, sure enough is in program Files (x86) under, so unloading load, and then connected. Ok! The original question is so simple!

"[Oracle][odbc][ora]ora-12154:tns: Unable to resolve the specified connection identifier" Error resolution using PowerDesigner connection Oralce in win7x64

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