"React native development" React native development IDE Installation and configuration

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         on the previous talk we haveOS Xsystem above forReact Native forAndroidEnvironment and the first examples are explained in detail. The so-called 工欲善其事, its prerequisite, do reactNativedevelopment as well as other application development, it is better to have a better IDE tool. So here are some of the more recommended tools:Sublime, Webstormand recommended by the official websitenuclide. Below we mainly explain the following two tools.

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(two)NuClideGeneral Installation and configuration       

nuclideis aFacKbookspecifically forReactDevelopmentIDE, the official website provides OH~. Butnuclideis the base of atom which provides a series of plug-in collections. So we need to install firstAtom.

nuclide Project official address :https://github.com/facebook/nuclide

2.1.Atom installation

Atom is an open source version of the editor, with a very powerful and perfect experience, Atom's biggest feature is the ability to install a lot of plug-ins to complete our needs. Official address :https://atom.io/ to the official website to download and install.  

The official web page and the software run as follows :

2.2.nuclide installation

            AtomThe installation is successful and the installation is started belownuclide, open Atom software directly, click Atom->preferencesOpen Setting,and then tapInstall, enter Nuclide-installer Search, download it, as :

In this way we choose to install the plugin download, another way we can execute the following command directly at the command line ( with Atom 's Package Manager APM installation ):

Apminstall Nuclide-installer

Finally, restart Atom. However, these two ways I do not recommend you to use, because the landlord personally experienced, the two ways on the one hand is the installation speed is relatively slow, and download after the installation of Atom Direct card, and then prompted to find nuclide related modules.            

(three)NuClidesource code Compilation installation(Highly Recommended)

nuclide Project official address :https://github.com/facebook/nuclide, We know that the project is officially provided by face book, and of course we provide developers with a way to compile and install the source code. Very simple to use :

the terminal installation is as follows :

this will OK , the following is the Atom software to start the crazy writing React Native Project Code Bar. As for the initialization of the project init and the method of compiling the operation, we still look at the previous article Oh ~ This side will not say much.

(Four) WebstormIDEIntroduction and Installation

         I believe I did .Webfront-end children's shoes, certainly to WebstormIDEvery familiar.Webstormis aJetBrainsa company under theJavaScriptDevelopment tools. By the vast number of ChineseJSthe developer hailed as "WebFront-end development artifact "," the most powerfulHTML5Editor "," the most intelligentJavaScript IDE "and so on. With theIntelliJ Ideahomologous, inherit theIntelliJ IdeaPowerful,JSpart of the function. the IDE's official address:https://www.jetbrains.com/webstorm/  . The new version already supports theReact, so in today's development phaseWebstromhas been considered the most supportive of the IDE, you are interested in the download use the following Oh~, but should be charged, local tyrants ignore, as to crack version see everyone's.

The new version update information is as follows :

[ note ]:webst ORM for JSX It's best to configure it. Oh, open settings. , The following configuration can be :

finally , we open an existing React Native project through Webstorm.

(Five)Final Summary

         today, we mainly explain the developmentReact Nativethe relatedIDE(Webstorm, nuclide)installation and basic configuration use, the next one for our application debugging(Debug)method to do the relevant explanation, please look forward to~

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"React native development" React native development IDE Installation and configuration

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