"Reprint" C # time difference calculation, accurate output "Month day seconds"

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<summary>///overloaded. Calculates a time interval of two dates, which returns the absolute value of the date difference for the interval. </summary>//<param name= "DateTime1" > First date and Time </param>//<param name= "DateTime 2 "> Second date and Time </param>//<returns></returns> private string DateDiff (DateTime datetime             1,datetime DateTime2) {string datediff=null;                 try {TimeSpan ts1=new TimeSpan (Datetime1.ticks);                 TimeSpan ts2=new TimeSpan (Datetime2.ticks); TimeSpan Ts=ts1. Subtract (TS2).                 Duration (); Datediff=ts. Days.tostring () + "Day" +ts. Hours.tostring () + "Hour" +ts. Minutes.tostring () + "minutes" +ts.             Seconds.tostring () + "seconds";         } catch {} return dateDiff;         }///<summary>///has been overloaded. Calculates the time interval between a time and the current local date and time, and returns the absolute value of the date difference for the time interval. </summary>//<param name= "DateTime1" > A date and Time </param>//<returns></returns> private String DateDiff (DateTime DateTime1) {return this.         DateDiff (Datetime1,datetime.now); }
Label1. Text = "2004-1-1 15:36:05"; Label2. Text = "2004-3-1 20:16:35";D atetime d1 =new datetime (2004,1,1,15,36,05);D atetime d2 =new datetime (2004,3,1,20,16,35); TimeSpan D3 = D2. Subtract (D1); label3. Text = "Difference:" +d3. Days.tostring () + "Day" +d3. Hours.tostring () + "Hour" +d3. Minutes.tostring () + "minutes" +d3. Seconds.tostring () + "seconds";
------------------------------------------------Supplement Base------------------------------------------------------1. A datetime value type represents a specific date time from January 1, 01 0:0 0 seconds to 59 seconds from December 31, 9999. Therefore, you can use a DateTime value type to describe any time that is within the scope of your imagination. A datetime value represents a specific moment.
The 2.TimeSpan value contains many properties and methods for accessing or processing a TimeSpan value
The following list covers a subset of these:
Add: Adds to another timespan value.
Days: Returns the TimeSpan value that is calculated in day.
Duration: Gets the absolute value of the timespan.
Hours: Returns the TimeSpan value computed in hours
Milliseconds: Returns the TimeSpan value computed in milliseconds.
Minutes: Returns the TimeSpan value computed in minutes.
Negate: Returns the inverse number of the current instance.
Seconds: Returns the TimeSpan value computed in seconds.
Subtract: Subtracts another TimeSpan value from it.
Ticks: Returns the number of ticks for the timespan value.
Totaldays: Returns the number of days that the TimeSpan value represents.
TotalHours: Returns the number of hours that the timespan value represents.
TotalMilliseconds: Returns the number of milliseconds represented by a timespan value.
Totalminutes: Returns the number of minutes represented by a timespan value.
TotalSeconds: Returns the number of seconds represented by a timespan value.

"Reprint" C # time difference calculation, accurate output "Month day seconds"

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