Raid1 operation notes in freebsd

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It is not freebsd, It is freenas7.2. Due to a problem with freenas installed for a friend, I studied how to operate raid1 in freebsd command mode yesterday and the night before. I should say how to configure freenas.


In fact, freebsd manual says:


The operation is as follows:
Gmirror label-vb round-robin raidone/dev/ad8/dev/ad10

Echo 'geom _ cmd_load = "YES" '>/boot/loader. conf

Ad8 and ad10 are two wd 1 TB hard disks on our freenas. ad8 and ad10 constitute a soft raid 1.

Raidone is the name of the hard disk after I synthesize raid1, and mount is: mount/dev/mirror/raidone/mnt/myraid
/Mnt/myraid is the directory I created. Generally, people familiar with the bsd and linux systems should understand it.

In fact, freenas itself can be operated, but the problem is that after my friend establishes the server, the raid one will be lost after the server is restarted.
Add [gmirror label-vb round-robin raidone/dev/ad8/dev/ad10] to the Command Script, as shown in figure

Other Command records:
Gmirror status: View raid status
Gmirror list: view the number of disks
Gmirror remove raidone ad10: remove a disk. If all disks are removed, soft raid stops.
Gmirror insert raid one ad10: After a disk is added, it is usually automatically synchronized. If not, enter
Gmirror configure-a raidone, which is a synchronization command

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