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This article describes the Python network programming to read the Web site root directory method, share to everyone for your reference.

The implementation method is as follows:

Import socket, sys  PORT = * Host = "" filename = "//"  s = socket.socket (socket.af_inet, socket. Sock_stream) S.connect ((host, Port)) S.sendall (filename+ "\ r \ n") while  (1):   buf = S.RECV (2048)   if not buf: Break        

The example running environment for this article is Python2.7.6

The instance returns a list of the root directories of the

The returned results are as follows:

Iwelcome to Gopher at!  Fake (null) 0i fake (NULL) 0iThis server has a lot of information of historic interest, fake (null) 0ifunny, or just plain Entertaining--all presented in Gopher. Fake (NULL) 0iThere is many mirrors here's rare or valuable files with the fake (null) 0iaim to preserve them in case th EIR host disappears. Please READ fake (NULL) 0i "about this Server" for IMPORTANT NOTES and LEGAL information. Fake (null) 0i fake (null) 00About This server/about this Server.txt +1archives/archives Gopher.quux. Org +1books/books +1communication/communication +ithis directory contains the E Ntire text of the book Fake (null) 0i "We the media:grassroots journalism by the people, for the people" fake (null) 0iby Dan Gillmor in various formats. Fake (null) 0i fake (null) 0iFeel free to download and enjoy. Fake (NULL) 01computers/computers +1current issues and Events (Updated APR., 2002)/curreNT +1development projects/devel +0gopher ' s 10th anniversary/3.0.0.txt Gopher.quux. Org 701Government, Politics, Law, and Conflict/government +0how to Help/how to Help.txt GOPHER.QUUX.O RG +1humor and Fun/humor and +1index to 701internet/i Nternet +1other Gopher servers/software/gopher/servers 701people/people Gopher.quux . org. +1reference/reference, +1software and Downloads/software, +1the gopher Proje Ct/software/gopher 700What ' s new/whatsnew.txt 70 +

Hopefully this article will help you with Python programming.

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