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[Reading Notes] iOS-becomes a developer, ios-developer

IOS developers plan to pay by year and start renewal 60 days before expiration. If you do not renew your subscription, you will not be able to publish the application. In addition, Apple will revoke your developer certificate and publish the certificate. Finally, Apple disconnects all your applications on the iTunes App Store.


Ad hoc channel distribution allows you to directly distribute applications to your users by bypassing the App Store. However, the distribution quantity is limited to 100 devices, and the authorized devices cannot be changed until one year's developers plan to expire. In addition, for end users, Ad hoc release is more complex than App Store, so it is generally used only to test the Beta version of the application, rather than to release it on the App Store. If your application needs to be published to some specific user groups in a large area and you need to avoid using App Store, you may have to consider the Enterprise Edition.



For a lot of time, I found that the simulator runs well, but it is very slow on real devices, so I can only re-engineer the code and optimize the UI implementation method. You may also use more memory resources than the real device can provide on the simulator.


In addition, some frameworks are available in simulators, but not on real devices, especially NSPredicate and NSXMLDocument. If your code uses these classes, it can be compiled and run on the simulator, but it is best to connect to the real machine device from time to time for a try, if you accidentally use such a class, Xcode will prompt a link error during compilation. You don't want to find that a library cannot be used on a real device until the end of the project. You have to hurry to find an alternative solution.


NSPredicate and NSXMLDocument are two common classes. NSXMLDocument is used to process XQuery and XML documents, but it has always been used for Mac development rather than iOS development. Many developers will soon find this problem.


Some people claim that there will be slight non-alignment of the UIKit control on the simulator, but I have never encountered it myself. However, if you use a more underlying image library, such as OpenGL ES, The Renderer used on the real device is slightly different from the Renderer used on the simulator, therefore, there are pixel-level nuances between the images displayed on the simulator and those displayed on real devices.


In addition, the simulator has some inherent defects. If the UI of your application needs to respond to touch events with more than two fingers, it will not be able to be tested on the simulator.


If your simulator runs your application, you will not be able to use accelerometer, GPS, Bluetooth and digital compass. If your application depends on these hardware modules, you have no choice but to use real devices for debugging.




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