Real-world sharing records I'm learning problems with Linux systems

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For Linux, but also love and hate, there are some of their own views, after all, has been in contact for almost two years. But, what does it mean to say that it hurts? If you want to know please let me give you a slow way.

> The first contact with Linux was done after the college entrance exam, due to my home desktop computer too card, So I'm looking for something on the Internet. The system on the computer configuration requirements compared to the 1th, the first I visited a few forums, so I was very confused about the contact with Linux, the first installed Linux system is elementaryos Chinese version, it is based on a beautiful release of Ubuntu, The most important thing is not to use after the installation, only to do some simple operation, the original software is like Windows download the installation package, and then continue to click Next can be completed, but for this system installed software I have no clue, have to go on Baidu. The final result is that before installing a new software on a Linux computer, you must also get used to and understand concepts such as warehouses, dependencies, packages, and package managers. You will soon find it difficult to install a program by simply clicking on an executable program with the mouse. Or for some reason, you don't have a usable network, then installing a software you want is a very tiring task, but it's good to see the book "Linux should Learn" on the Internet.

> The Linux system was chosen as a good compatibility, just like Windows. But the reality and I made a big joke. People like me are the first to contact the system is windows, for Windows operation is very skilled, can be said to have become an indispensable part of my life. Due to the reliance on Windows, the first time to touch Linux with some of the habits of Windows, for Linux desktop system, it has been missing several aspects as follows: incompatible with the game, I am talking about high-end games. No network player and picture editor, I said is professional, such as PS and other professional software is not supported. And I remember that Avatar and the Titanic movie also use an open-source audio-visual editor. The end result is that no matter which distribution you choose, you have to take the time to do a lot of manual labor. To put it simply, install Nvidia Driver, now you need to eliminate the manual and may need to manually edit the xorg.conf configuration with broken X. In addition, you need to ensure that the kernel is updated in a running state. Under Windows, you don't need to do anything except click Next,next,i agree,next,forward,finish,reboot, and you don't even need to modify the GUI.

How can I see Rainbows without experiencing wind and rain? It is because of the path of the Linux wind and rain, so I created a fear of setbacks. I believe that as long as willing to work hard, willing to pay, it will usher in a better tomorrow.

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Real-world sharing records I'm learning problems with Linux systems

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