Reasons why the limits.conf modification does not take effect under Linux

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Elk Environment set up, found to need to modify the Ulimit settings, or will be error.

And when you change/etc/security/limits.conf, it never takes effect.

Summary down found to make limits.conf effective, need to set

Usepam Yesuselogin Yes #这个保证其他的用户也能修改设置

Need to have one of the following

Session Required

PS: The most important one, do not write dead ulimit in other files, such as: Ulimit-n 65535, or how to modify it is useless.

I just toss the last one, tossing the afternoon.

Sure enough: if there is an inexplicable error, then there must be a very silly reason. 650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "alt=" J_0008.gif "/>

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Reasons why the limits.conf modification does not take effect under Linux

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