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1. SVG-Edit: Open Source Graphics Editor

SVG-Edit is a browser-based image editor that provides common image processing functions without server support and supports various browsers.

2. Codiad: Open Source & Web Based IDE for Coding Remotely

Codiad is an open-source Web-based IDE application that is used to write and edit code online.

This application is developed in PHP and does not require an SQL database. data is stored in a JSON file.

Its Interface contains three panels:

1. Project/File Management Appliance

2. Code Editor

3. Menu/Function

3. Ecoder: Open Source Web-Based Code Editor

Ecoder is a Web-based code editor developed using PHP and JavaScript. It includes: Real-Time syntax highlighted, a file browser, A File Uploader, and a tag system that can directly edit multiple files on the server at the same time.

4. Open Source Ajax Image Editor: AIE

AIE is an open-source Ajax image editor developed based on ExtJS and PHP + ImageMagick. It is easy to integrate with other applications such as blogs and albums. Provides functions such as adjusting the image size, cropping the image, rotating/turning the image, applying filters, adding text, and adding watermarks.

5. Xinha: Open Source Online HTML Editor

The interface is also good, loading speed is relatively slow, but it is stronger than TinyMCE, the customization function is quite powerful, and its support function is also very powerful, support a variety of browsers, you can also compare it with HTMLArea. Authorization based on BSD.

6. OpenWYSIWYG Editor

OpenWYSIWYG is a powerful and open-source WYSIWYG editor that supports cross-browser, pure JavaScript development. Supports multiple browsers and Web programming languages: PHP, ASP,, Perl, Java, and Cold Fusion.

7. Conjoon: Open Source Personal Information Dashboard

Conjoon is a Webmail and RSS client reader developed based on Ext JS + PHP/MySQL. It also contains a contact management module.

8. Auth Manager: Open Source PHP Authentication & Management App

AuthManager is an open-source user management and authentication system developed using PHP.

AuthManager comes with a registration module that can be used immediately. You can use e-mail and Facebook accounts to register, log on to, and retrieve passwords.

It supports reCaptcha to prevent robot registration. In addition to the foreground, AuthManager has a powerful background management system. Integrates with Google Analytics to Display User Activity logs, member programming and deletion operations, and display various custom settings.

9. GitList: Open Source Git Repository Viewer

If you use Git (which can be GitHub, other services, or your own Git installation) as your version control system, you may want to display the repository content on your website.

GitList is an open-source PHP program that allows anonymous online browsing of the content in the source code repository of the version control system.

It supports viewing the file, submission history, and differences in different versions.

This application uses Twitter Bootstrap to develop the foreground UI and is built based on the Silex and Twig PHP template engine.

10. WebPutty: Open Source CSS Editing & Hosting Service

WebPutty is a simple online CSS editing and hosting service. It provides a CSS editor that supports syntax coloring and can be referenced anywhere. Supports compression and automatic switch to control.

11. OpenKeyval: Instant Web-Based Database for Any Project

Currently, many websites use databases to store and set content. However, many static websites are hard-coded in HTML pages.

For such websites, you also need to store some content. OpenKeyval can provide such a function so that these websites do not need to install databases such as MySQL and MSSQL, and can also store data.

It is a free and open-source, Web-based database service that can be used immediately without any registration.

We send a POST request to store any data, and then we can read or delete the data at will, and return the data in JSON format.

OpenKeyval is open-source. It is developed using PHP and can be used to build an application of its own.

P.S. The only limit is that each key can contain only 64 KB of content.

12. SiteCake: Open Source CMS for Small Websites

SiteCake is an open-source php cms application that allows administrators to edit content locally when browsing a website.

Once you log on, everything becomes editable. It displays a content editing toolbar on the page. You can insert HTML elements such as headers, lists, images, videos and other content such as Google Maps or a slide.

It also allows you to crop images, drag projects, create new pages, and click to delete any content.

You can only specify the corresponding classes in any HTML element to edit it. Its UI also supports multiple languages. It has built-in multi-language files.

13. Gantti: Gantt Charts with PHP

Gantti is an open-source PHP class used to quickly generate Gantt charts.

Graphics are implemented using pure HTML5-CSS3 without JavaScript involvement. Its output looks pretty, but it can also be customized using the SASS style.

It is easy to use. You only need to define a start/end date array and then call a function. The generated Gantt Chart supports multiple browsers, including IE7 +.

14. Brackets: Open Source Code Editor

Brackets is Adobe's open-source HTML, CSS, and JavaScript integrated development environment. Brackets supports Windows and OS X platforms.

15. SageFrame: Open Source ASP. NET CMS

SageFrame is a highly scalable open-source CMS that helps you build your website and build it perfectly. It gives you all the necessary tools for developing custom modules, applications, templates, and websites for various purposes for ease of use and convenience.

16. ChilliProject

Chiliproject is a multi-project hosting and project management software developed based on the Ruby on Rails framework. All tasks are managed on the web. In fact, Chiliproject is the branch of the famous open-source management software Redmine. It integrates all the features and advantages of redmine. Due to its different ideas, some developers created Chiliproject on the basis of Redmine, and added some new features.


1. Support for multiple projects

2. Flexible Role-Based Access Control

3. Flexible problem Tracking System

4. Gantt chart and calendar

5. News, documents and file management

6. feeds and email notifications

7. wiki attached to the project

8. Project Forum

9. Simple real-time tracking

10. Custom Field Problems, time items, projects and users

11. SCM in integration (SVN, CVS, Git, Mercurial, Bazaar and Darcs)

12. Support for multiple LDAP Certifications

13. User self-registration support

14. multi-language support

15. Support for multiple databases

17. PHP Bug Lost: A Single File Script for Debugging

PHP Bug Lost is an open source script used to debug and monitor PHP code.

It is a script with only one file. It is very easy to insert a function in the Web page. Related information is displayed on the page.

This script displays custom logs, SQL queries, variable values, Ajax queries, and computing load times + CPU/memory usage.

PHP Bug Lost can be used not only in the development environment, but also in setting to automatically send an email notification when the detected value exceeds or falls below the monitored value.

18. PhotoShow: Open Source PHP Image Gallery

PhotoShow is a free and open-source PHP application for creating and managing Web Albums.

This application does not require database support. It uses a folder structure to create a layered album that supports unlimited layering.

You can drag a photo from the management background or store it in a file system. You can edit, delete, and organize folders or images in the same way.

It supports multiple users and groups and specifies different permissions.

PhotoShow can automatically generate thumbnails, display EXIF data, and comment.

19. Stitches

Drag and Drop the image file to the specified area, and click "generate" to create the sprite sheet and style sheet. This example uses a set of HTML5 APIs. Currently, only the latest Chrome and Firefox browsers are supported.

20. MyWebSQL: Desktop Like Web-Based MySQL Admin App

MyWebSql is a Web-based MySQL database management client. Has an Ajax interface, in addition to table data, it can also control views, stored procedures, triggers and functions. Supports data import and export, and query results can also be exported. MyWebSql also has a built-in SQL editor with syntax coloring function.

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