Redis Learning Path (001)-redis Introduction and Installation (Linux)

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Redis is one of the most popular NoSQL systems today, and it is a key-value storage system. Similar to memcached, but largely compensates for the lack of memcached, which supports storing more value types, including string, list, set, Zset, and hash. These data types support Push/pop, Add/remove, and intersection sets and differences, and richer operations. Based on this, Redis supports sorting in a variety of different ways. Redis data is cached in the computer's memory and periodically writes the updated data to disk or writes the modification to the appended record file.

Redis website Address:

Latest Version: 2.8.3

It is very easy to install Redis under Linux, as described in the following steps (official website):

1, download the source code, unzip and compile the source code.

1 wget tar xzf redis-  2.8. 3 . tar.gz 3 CD redis-2.8. 3 4 make

2, after the completion of the compilation, in the SRC directory, there are four executable files Redis-server, Redis-benchmark, Redis-cli and redis.conf. And then copy it to a directory.

1 mkdir/usr/redis2 cp redis-server  /usr/redis3 CP Redis-benchmark/ usr/Redis4 cp redis-cli  /usr/redis5 cp redis.conf  /usr/Redis  6 Cd/usr/redis

3. Start Redis service.

1 redis-server redis.conf

4, then use the client to test whether to start successfully.

1 redis-CLI2set  foo bar3OK4get Foo 5 " Bar "

Redis Learning Path (001)-redis Introduction and Installation (Linux)

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