Reference for methods to prevent malicious ddos attacks in php

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Reference for methods to prevent malicious ddos attacks in php
This article introduces a simple method to prevent ddos attacks in php programming. For more information, see.

We know that a denial-of-service attack means that a DDOS attack will cause the bandwidth to be occupied, so that normal users cannot access the website.

Here is a simple reference to modify the php. ini file.

1) change "disable_functions" to gzinflate. the default value is empty. 2) set "allow_url_fopen" to Off3) php_sockets.dll to open this module.

Restart to make the configuration take effect. generally, it can defend against DDOS attacks. For more comprehensive prevention methods, refer to the article: php ddos attack and prevention code.

If the above methods cannot resist, you can also use IP policies, firewalls, and other measures to prevent malicious attacks.

For more information, see the following article: 1, IPSEC security policy configuration batch enable IPSEC Port batch processing script batch processing set IPsec security policy methods introduction command line IPSec port blocking methods detailed description win2003 malicious port that needs to be blocked by ipsec win2003 IPsec security policy-disabled port 2, how to enable, disable, and enable a specified port on the CentOS firewall in the firewall iptables firewall prevents some IP addresses from accessing the iptables firewall configuration instance in the ssh service linux server. An example of iptables firewall configuration in centos

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