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Example of a regular expression: convert a date in MMDDYYYY format to a YYYY-MM-DD format. Htmlheadtitle regular expression titleheadbodyahref. return list aformaction? Echo $ PHP_SELF ;? For methodpost, enter the date in MMDDYYYY format: inputtypetextname
Regular expression

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If (isset ($ date )){
If (ereg ("([0-9] {1, 2})/([0-9] {1, 2})/([0-9] {4 })", $ date, $ regs )){
Echo $ regs [0]. "The conversion result is :". $ regs [3]. "-". $ regs [1]. "-". $ regs [2];
} Else {
The date format of echo "$ date is incorrect!

Http:// headtitle regular expression/title/head body a href = "./" return list/a form action = "? Echo $ PHP_SELF ;? "Method =" post ", enter a date in MM/DD/YYYY format: input type =" text "name...

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