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We usually play games, use of CD-free crack patches and other programs are often required by the C + + redistributable Package support. But the C++redistributable package has many versions, often making it impossible for new players to find it. The purpose of this article is to help most beginner players solve the problem of distinguishing between C + + versions, so they can quickly find the C + + version they need.

first, let's take a look at how many versions of the C++redistributable package. The following sub-articles are listed.
Microsoft Visual C + + 2005Redistributable package (x86)
Microsoft Visual C + + 2005Redistributable package (x64)
Microsoft Visual C + + 2005 Sp1redistributable Package (x86)
Microsoft Visual C + + 2005 Sp1redistributable Package (x64)
Microsoft Visual C + + 2008Redistributable package (x86)
Microsoft Visual C + + 2008Redistributable package (x64)
Microsoft Visual C + + sp1redistributable package (x86)
Microsoft Visual C + + sp1redistributable package (x64)
Microsoft Visual C + + 2010Redistributable package (x86)
Microsoft Visual C + + 2010Redistributable package (x64)
Microsoft Visual c++redistributable Package (IA64)

There are so many versions that can be confusing. Below, I will solve the problem of C + + redistributable Package (hereinafter referred to as C + +) in a way that answers common questions.

Question 1: can C + + 2010 Replace c++2005 and C + + 2008? For the general software, the version of the program can be replaced and compatible with the lower version of the program. However, C + + is a special case. Because different versions contain different library files, C + + 2010 cannot replace C + + 2005 and C + + 2008!

Question 2: C + + 2005 , C + + 2008, C + + 2010 all installed on a computer can be compatible? The answer to this question is clear-they can be compatible with each other and there is no conflict, so it is recommended to put them all together.

Question 3: x86 What do you mean, x64? In fact, there are a lot of software on the difference between these numbers. Where x86 represents a 32-bit system and x64 represents a 64-bit system. Since 64-bit systems are compatible with 32-bit programs, x86 versions of files can be installed on 32-bit and 64-bit systems, while x64 versions of files can only be installed on 64-bit Windows operating systems.

question 4: My system is a 64-bit operating system, so I'm going to install x64 files? Wrong! Although the x64 version should theoretically be installed, we must consider the actual situation. The games we use, the hack patches, and the small programs we download from the Web are all developed in 32-bit environments as of now and for the foreseeable future years. In other words, developers or game companies are invoking 32-bit library files when developing these programs. So if we want to run these programs on our own computers, whether it's a 32-bit system or a 64-bit system, it's important to install x86 (32-bit) files. often someone with C + + does not run some programs, because his 64-bit system is loaded with 64-bit files. This is particularly confusing, and it is hoped that the novice players will pay special attention to them.

Question 5: C + + 2005 and C + + 2005 SP1 What is the relationship between them? In fact, they are essentially services for the development of C + + 2005 programs, they are only the version number is different, you can think of C + + 2005 SP1 as a newer version of C + + 2005. So if your PC was previously installed with C + + 2005, then C + + 2005 SP1 will overwrite C + + 2005. But don't worry, with C + + 2005 SP1, you need C + + 2005 and programs that require C + + 2005 SP1 to run. Therefore, unless special needs, we recommend that you install C + + 2005 SP1, do not install C + + 2005. The relationship between C + + 2008 and C + + SP1 is similar to C + + 2005, not in the repeating.

Question 6: a program as long as 05, 08, 10 in one of them? Not necessarily. A program that is developed across generations may need both C + + 2005 and C + + 2008. Therefore, because the document is not very large, it is recommended to put 05, 08, 10 are loaded.

question 7: Online said a program requires C + + 2008, but I installed it or not use it? C + + has not only a large version of the points (such as 2005, 2008, 2010), as well as the version number of the points. That is, also a C + + 2008, because they have different version numbers, they contain a small difference between the files. If your program needs this slightly different file, your program will not start. At this point, Microsoft's Chinese site to the vast number of Chinese users to create a small trap. For example, in Microsoft China to provide the latest version of C + + SP1 version number is 9.0.30729.01, and actually already have the version number of 9.0.30729.4148 files. The difference is not small, so many people say I downloaded from the Microsoft website is not possible. Please remember that Microsoft website (especially Microsoft's Chinese website) does not necessarily provide the latest version. For example, the recent fire Angry Birds (angrybirds) need C + + 2005 SP1 and C + + SP1, but from the Microsoft website downloaded two files after the problem remains, the root cause is that Microsoft provides not the latest files (for Angry Birds need to file please see my blog " angrybirds

Question 8: why C + + 2005 does not fit, always prompt "Command line option syntax error." Type Command/? For help. "? This is a very common problem, but it's actually caused by Microsoft's own bugs. For a detailed analysis and workaround for this issue, see my blog, "Visual C + + 2005 Redistributablepackage cannot install the workaround ."

Question 9: what does the IA in the last file listed above mean? Ia translated into Chinese is "Itanium", which is a processor specifically used on the server. Because the processor contains a special set of CPU instructions, a dedicated file is required. People who look at this article 99.999% do not use this file, can be ignored.

Summary: To sum up, it is recommended to install the latest version of C + + 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86), c++2008 SP1 Redistributable, whether you are a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system Package (x86), C + + 2010Redistributable (x86) three files. You don't have to look everywhere, I've packed them up and uploaded them.

C + + 2005 SP1 (2.0.50727.4053) : or
C + + SP1 (9.0.30729.4148): or
C + + 2010 (10.0.30319.1):

Relationships between versions of Microsoft Visual C + +

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