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In Windows, "Start> attachment" contains a "command prompt" menu command, but have you ever noticed that it will also become a security risk of the system?

After entering the command prompt environment, you can run some commands to view your privacy or steal files, such as accessing a hidden partition. Some viruses or hacker programs intrude into the system through command prompt. Because the interface does not appear during running, it is just a flash, so it is easy to be ignored by users. In this case, a better way to eliminate this security risk is to disable unauthorized users from using command prompts. The general method is to modify the registry or install third-party tool software to achieve this purpose, but for most friends, it seems a little difficult. Is there a simpler way?

1. delete command prompt

This is the easiest way. Find the "command prompt" menu from "Start> attachment", right-click the menu, and select "delete. Then, you can find windowssystem32cmd.exe in the resource manager to run it manually, so you can only scare cainiao friends.

2. Stop the Command run.

Go to the Group Policy Editor and choose "user configuration> management template> system". You can find a policy named "block access command prompt" on the right, in the figure 1 window, select "enabled" to enable this policy. This prevents you from running a command prompt. In the future, when you try to enter the Command Prompt window, the system will display the prompt shown in Figure 2. Is it cool?

If you select "yes" in the "do you also disable script processing at the command prompt" drop-down list box, you can also disable the running of batch files on the system, in this way, the call to the command prompt of the batch file can be completely prohibited.

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