Report on the procurement cost of the Java Report tool that is widely used

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In general, the Java Report development tool accounts for about 10% per cent of the development, and recently there has been a rising trend, with a large volume of 20% in the overall report of the project. The following calculations are also based on the 10% standard, the cost per person month is 2.5.

With a 100 software project, for example, the Java Report Development tool has a workload of 10%, that is, the development cost of 10 million. With 2.5 per person, this item requires 4 people months to complete the report development work. In the actual project, these 10 million are divided into several ways booth:

Integrator's code-based + program is customized by item

The code is written by hand. Here are two situations:

A, in the integrator on the basis of the foundation directly according to the project;

B, open the source of the Java Report development tool, on top of this modification. This can reduce the workload of the program and the maintenance costs to a certain extent, but is limited to open source tools. And regardless of the product information, the function interface what is fully, the source of the tool itself is the bug problem is enough to make a person headache.

These two ways do not involve the cost of using the Java Report Development tool, and the good thing is that the developers can fully control the program and develop a cost-direct. The bad thing is that if the item report is asked to be more demanding, the workload of the program is very large, the efficiency of the report is very low, the cost of the subsequent maintenance of the report is relatively high, as long as the customer to modify the report, you have to find the developers, unless agreed beforehand, will be out of money side of the buck. In the actual report development, A and B are mainly focused on small and medium-sized items.

Java Report Tools + program Developers

There are a lot of good things to do with a report, like improving productivity, saving time, shortening the duration, and facilitating the subsequent maintenance wait, it's not much to say. But there are a lot of tools in the market report, how can you choose tools that meet both the needs of the project and the reasonable cost control? The cost of purchasing a report tool follows this principle: The selected Report development tool can reduce the workload of at least 50% of the report, and the total cost of the report will be reduced by about 1/3.

Then take the above example: the previous report needs 4 people months, after the use of the report to develop tools, should be completed in 2 months, plus the cost of the report development tools, the original needs 10 million to finish things, should be 6, 7 million can be done.

To choose which Java Report Development tools, Finereport or others, you also need to take a few of the tables in the project to do it with a statement tool.

FineReport report for free --0 code-making reports, multi-dimensional graphs, multi-source fills, and perhaps rights management, are perfectly compatible with Excel. Official website:

Report on the procurement cost of the Java Report tool that is widely used

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