(reprinted) 10 Core Linux interview questions and answers

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1. Q: What should you do when you need to bind a macro or a key to a command?
A: You can use the bind command to bind a macro or key in a shell with ease.

In the key binding, we need to get the character sequence corresponding to the binding key.
For example, the acquisition of a F12 character sequence is as follows: Press CTRL + V first, and then press F12. We can get the F12 character sequence ^[[24~.
Bind is then used with bind.
[[email protected] ~]# bind ' "\e[24~": "Date" '
NOTE: The same keys may produce different character sequences under different terminals or terminal simulators.

"Attached" You can also use the SHOWKEY-A command to view a sequence of characters for a key.

2. Q: If a Linux novice wants to know the list of all commands supported by the current system, what does he need to do?
A: Using the command Compgen--c, you can print out a list of all supported commands.
[Email protected] ~]$ compgen-c

3. Q: If your assistant wants to print out the current directory stack, what would you advise him to do?
A: Use the Linux command dirs to print the current directory stack.

[Email protected] ~]# dirs
"Attached": the directory stack is operated by pushd POPD.

4. Q: Your system currently has a number of running tasks, what can be done to remove all running processes without restarting the machine?
A: Use the Linux command ' Disown-r ' to remove all running processes.

5. Q: What is the purpose of the hash command in the bash shell?

A: The Linux command ' hash ' manages a built-in hash table that records the full path of the executed command, which allows you to print out the commands you have used and the number of executions.
[[email protected] ~]# hash
Hits command


6. Q: Which bash built-in command can perform mathematical operations.
A: The bash Shell's built-in commands let you perform mathematical operations on integer numbers.
#! /bin/bash
Let C=a+b

7. Q: How do I view the contents of a large file on a page-by-page?
A: The command "Cat File_name.txt" and the ' more ' are connected by a pipeline to achieve this need.

[email protected] ~]# Cat File_name.txt | More

8. Q: Which user does the data dictionary belong to?

A: The data dictionary belongs to the ' sys ' user, and the user ' sys ' and ' Sysem ' are automatically created by default by the system.

9. Q: How do I view a summary and usage of a Linux command?
Suppose you accidentally see a command in the/bin directory that you've never seen before, how do you know how it works and how it's used?
A: Using the command Whatis can show the use of this command briefly, for example, you can use Whatis zcat to see the introduction of ' Zcat ' and use briefly.
[Email protected] ~]# Whatis zcat
Zcat [gzip] (1) –compress or expand Files

10. Q: Which command can I use to see the disk space quotas for my file system?

A: Use the command Repquota to display quota information for a file system

"Attached" only the root user can view quotas for other users.

Original link: Avishek Kumar translation: Geek Van-He Weixian

Link: http://www.geekfan.net/8571/

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(reprinted) 10 Core Linux interview questions and answers

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