Reproduced Getting Started with Ubuntu Linux (i): Pre-installation for Ubuntu Linux

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With the continuous improvement of Ubuntu Linux, the process of installing Ubuntu Linux now is not only simple but also fast. In my opinion, installing Ubuntu today is no more difficult than installing Windows. Even so, we need to be ready to install Ubuntu to make the installation process smoother.

1. Confirm if the computer can install Ubuntu

The hardware support of Ubuntu is now quite perfect, as long as the hardware that is not particularly uncommon can be used normally. and Ubuntu can automatically detect the installation of hardware drivers, in addition to a small number of hardware need to install copyright-restricted additional drivers, most of the hardware does not need to manually install the driver. If you are unsure if your hardware is working properly, you can try using Wubi to install Ubuntu for testing, and see how to get Started with Ubuntu Linux (ii): Install Ubuntu Linux.

Ubuntu's system configuration requirements are not high, the Ubuntu 11.04 desktop version For example, the minimum hardware requirements are as follows:

    • CPU: Frequency 1 GHz or above
    • Memory: 384 MB or more
    • HDD: 5 GB or more

For the current mainstream PC, to achieve the above configuration is not difficult, the main need to ensure that there is enough hard disk space, recommended to leave Ubuntu free space of more than GB.

2. Download the Ubuntu CD image

We recommend you to download Ubuntu CD image on the official Ubuntu website, we recommend you to download the latest version of Ubuntu 11.04 Desktop CD disc image.

To access Http://, there are two options available on the page:

    1. Version: The version currently available for download is "Ubuntu 11.04–latest version" and "Ubuntu 10.04 lts–long-term support". The former is the current version, while the latter is the current version of the latest long-term support version. For ordinary users, it is recommended that you choose the latest version.
    2. Architecture: Ubuntu supports 32-bit and 64-bit computers, Linux is more portable than Windows, so there are fewer compatibility issues with 64-bit Ubuntu than Windows, but some proprietary software such as Adobe Flash Player 64 Bit Linux support is still not perfect, so we recommend that you download the 32-bit version.

After setting up, click the Download button to start the download, Ubuntu website will automatically look for you closer to the server to provide download.

3. Select the Installation method

Ubuntu has two ways of installing Ubuntu into a Windows partition, the so-called Wubi installation, and the other is installing Ubuntu into a separate Linux partition.

WUBI is the acronym for windows-based Ubuntu Installer, which means the Windows-based Ubuntu installer. As is literally said, Wubi is a Windows-based Ubuntu installer that installs Ubuntu as a software in Windows systems.

For beginners, the Wubi installation is simple, can be installed directly in Windows, does not require the preparation of bootable installation media, and does not involve the adjustment of partition operations. Another interesting feature of Wubi is that users can uninstall Ubuntu in Windows Add or Remove Programs.

However, Ubuntu installed with Wubi does not support hibernation, there are some performance losses, and Wubi file systems are more vulnerable than normal file systems. Also, Wubi will not install properly on some computers because of an unknown error. Therefore, it is recommended that you use the Wubi installation as a Test experience. For friends who want to learn more about Linux, I think it's best to install Ubuntu into a separate Linux partition to get a more stable and better performing operating system.

Wubi Installing and installing Ubuntu into a separate Linux partition refer to Ubuntu Linux Primer (ii): Install Ubuntu Linux.

4. Prepare the installation media

Select Wubi installed friends can skip this section and read the introduction to Ubuntu Linux directly (ii): Install Ubuntu Linux.

In order to install Ubuntu into a separate Linux partition, we need to prepare a bootable installation media, the common bootable media is a CD-ROM and a U disk, in addition to the method of hard disk installation, but hard disk installation is cumbersome, do not introduce.

The easiest way to burn Live CDs is to burn an Ubuntu Desktop CD image to a blank CD using the CD-ROM burning tool like ImgBurn and CDBurnerXP, and then we get a bootable Ubuntu installation disc after burning. If you have a condition, you are recommended to install Ubuntu using Live CD.

If your computer doesn't have an optical drive or you can't burn a disc, you can create a live USB instead of a live CD, and you can use UNetbootin to create a live USB. First visit, download UNetbootin for Windows. Run UNetbootin, select the disc mirroring installation type, then select the Ubuntu Desktop CD image path and the USB drive letter used to create the live USB, and then click the OK button to start creating Live USB.

After you are ready to boot the installation media, continue reading Ubuntu Linux Getting Started (ii): Install Ubuntu Linux and start installing Ubuntu Linux!

Reproduced Getting Started with Ubuntu Linux (i): Pre-installation for Ubuntu Linux

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