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Important: Apple's consent is required.

All printed and video materials, whether marketing or advertising, must be submitted to Apple and approved by Apple before being published or published. Follow the instructions below to submit your ideas, plot links or final ideas via email. It takes at least five working days to reply. Apple can check unfinished materials; however, all materials must be reviewed by Apple before release.

All custom images or video materials including Apple products must be submitted to apple before being published or published and approved by Apple.

Marketing Review: marketing materials submitted to Apple for review should be sent to the Marketing includes any promotional activities that do not belong to paid media, such as video clips and guides, printed newsletters and flyer, and other printed promotional materials. Please submit an example of the publicity program and briefly describe the application you are promoting, the media you are using, and the Promotion objectives.

Ad Review: advertising materials submitted for Apple review should be sent to the Advertisements include promotional activities of any paid media, such as TV advertising spaces, printed advertisements, outdoor advertisements, and other paid media. Submit all ideas, media plans (playback time periods and locations), and specific budgets.

Who can use marketing resources provided by Apple?

The "the Available on The App Store" badge and iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch images are only Available to iOS Developer Program Members who agree to the App marketing image license agreement. The license agreement can be downloaded from the marketing resources section of the App Store resource center. Apple reserves the right to revoke the authorization if it fails to comply with the guiding principles or damage the image of apple.

The information provided by the Guiding Principles may change. Keep an eye on updates to the App Store Resource Center (

Related Support

For support of the iOS Developer Program, visit

Legal Terms

Each Apple trademark in all materials must use the corresponding logo and credit line. For more legal terms, visit

ITunes and App Store Affiliated Program

As a member of the iOS developer program, you can join the iTunes and App Store affiliated programs, establish a link between your webpage and iTunes or App Store, and obtain the corresponding Commission. You can also use the tracing and application data provided by the affiliated program. For more information, visit

App Store badges

Basic Principles

No matter when you promote your App in App Store, App Store badges must be used in marketing and advertising, such as TV advertisements, printed advertisements, short videos, e-mails, newsletters, and Web advertisements. Only badges provided in this Guide can pass Apple's review.

For online promotion, no matter where the App Store badge is placed, you must provide a link to the App Store. To obtain the URL of an App in the App Store, you can access the page of your product on iTunes. Right-click your Application List or choose "copy URL" from the shortcut menu ". Implant the website into the App Store badge or marketing copy.

If necessary, the customer will install the iTunes software as instructed, and then enter their original App Store target page.

Localized badges

Apple provides a variety of badges and the "available" regulator provides a total of 11 languages (see the list below ). Do not create your own localized badges. Be sure to use the badge pattern provided by Apple.

App Store badges are available in the following languages: Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Minimum blank limit and minimum size

The minimum blank line equals 1/4 of the badge height.
Do not place photos, prints, or other artist elements within the minimum margin.
The minimum size of the badge used for printing materials is 10mm, and the minimum size of the badge used for screen display is 40 pixels.
Select a clearly recognizable but not very highlighted size.

The "the Available on The App Store" badges are generally black and white. The white edges surrounding the badge are part of the badge design and must be included. App Store badges can be placed in:

Black or white backgrounds
On a dark background
Clearly identifies the background of the badge.
App Store badges



Only the latest App Store badges provided by Apple can be used
Use badges in the marketing and advertising materials used to promote App Store applications. These materials include:
Email Advertisement
Video Trailer
Print advertising and promotion materials
Webpage Advertisement
Mobile Advertisement
TV ads
Outdoor Advertisement
For online promotion, use badges to provide links to App Store applications.

Use only one App Store badge in one brochure or video series.
Place the badge at a secondary position of the brochure to keep up with the logo of the app or company. The badge size should be smaller than the main content, company logo, or application pattern.
In product tags or packages, badges must be included only when applications are also promoting tags or packages.
If it is used together with badges of other platforms, place the App Store badge first.
Multiple platforms and similar products can be mentioned in the replicas.

Do not use the App Store badge in the daily promotion of your company or product. Badges can only be associated with App Store applications.
Do not use badges if the media you select cannot clearly display badges at high resolution.
Do not make badges the main information or main pattern in the brochure. Badges must be secondary to your primary information, company, or app logo.
Do not use the iTunes icon.
Do not use the apple logo.
Do not add an animation effect, rotation, or tilt to the App Store badge.
Do not change the badge pattern.
Do not use the pattern or image on the Apple webpage or App Store.
Do not use the App Store badge as part of the compatibility information.
App Store badges


Application Promotion website page

Advertisement on the web page

Mobile advertisement the ending of a mobile advertisement the banner of a mobile device.

Print Advertisement

Video advertisement

Features of Apple products

Basic Principles

IPad, iPhone, and iPod touch Images
IPad, iPhone, and iPod touch images can only be used for App Store application promotion. Developers are not allowed to use it for other purposes.
Use the product images provided by Apple. For special cases, see page 10th. The image is Each product provides two formats: horizontal and vertical. In the image, the screen of the Apple product is blank. You can display your application in the blank area.
Please use the latest Apple product images. If the app you advertise is only supported by a previous version of the product, send an email to the to get the correct product image.
When using images provided by Apple, do not classify them by terms such as "Tablet" or "Smartphone. List each Apple product that your application applies.
Place your app screen on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch Image
Only images that naturally appear on the screen when an application is opened can appear on the screen of Apple products. Do not display copies of the promotion edition on the screen of Apple products. Do not display the iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch home screen or any icons that do not belong to you.
Select an image of the Apple product that best fits your brochure and open the file with Adobe Photoshop. Double-click the icon in the "replace screen" layer (a Smart Object layer. A dialog will guide you through editing the layer content. Click OK. A new work window will open. Place the apply screen pattern in the "your screen" window. Save and close the window. Do not modify the image layer.
RGB files can be exported and saved as webpages. This file can be converted to the printing and flushing mode and saved in. psd or. tiff format for the printed brochure. If you want to print materials, the screen image resolution you use must be high enough (at least four times the screen resolution ).
Status Bar

The status bar displays all Icon Sets, including the Network icon, product identifier, full cell battery icon, and full cell Wi-Fi icon. If your application needs to run in full screen mode, the screen image of your application can overwrite the status bar. In iPhone 4S and iPad images, various options of the status bar can be selected in different layers of the intelligent Object layer. Select the status bar visible when the application is running.

IPhone 4S images provided by Apple

It can be either horizontal or vertical.

IPod touch images provided by Apple

It can be either horizontal or vertical.

IPad images provided by Apple

It can be either horizontal or vertical.

Features of Apple products



Please use the latest Apple product images provided on the application marketing resources webpage. Apple only provides images of black products.
Make a difference with other devices. Separate the Apple products. Do not present them together with those of other companies.
If you want to display multiple application screens, you can repeat the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch images. It can be arranged vertically or horizontally. Make sure that the correct product size ratio is displayed for multiple products at the same time.]
Make sure that you have the right to display all trademarks on the product screen.
Display the screen image when the application is running. Only the original application can be used.
Place violator, data string, and promotion copy on the product side, rather than on the product.
To ensure that the image resolution is recognizable, you can use large-sized Apple product images. If you need to prepare high-resolution product images for large-scale promotional campaigns such as outdoor advertising, you can send an email to the, please describe your marketing needs as well as media in detail.

Do not blur, crop, distort, or intercept any part of the product image. Do not add or adjust the reflection image.
Do not use product images to create buttons or icons.
Do not replace the black image provided by apple with a white Apple product.
Do not present Apple products and competing products at the same time.
Do Not Display Apple product images on messy backgrounds.
Do not add animations, rotate, or tilt product images.
Do not crop printed promotional materials into the shape of Apple products.
Do not use the pattern and image on the Apple webpage or App Store. Do not imitate Apple's brochure.
Do not use violator, data string, or other advertisements to cover any part of Apple's product images. Do not highlight the edge of the product.
Do not add multiple Apple products.
Do not add borders or covers on Apple products.
Do not provide illustrations for Apple products, except for the guidance materials. If a portable device requires illustrations, do not include the specific details of Apple products, such as primary keys.
Do not use images of Apple products in consumable packaging or food industry advertisements. Use the product name.

Highlight your application and focus on its functionality. do not focus on the features of Apple products. For example, the application running screen is displayed.
Do not replace the black image provided by apple with a white Apple product.
Do Not Display Apple's main screen in publicity.
The length of Apple products in printed materials cannot be less than 25mm, and the screen size cannot be less than 200 pixels.
Custom photos and videos


Photos and videos of Apple products are allowed only after Apple's written consent form is obtained. For Apple's consent, please refer to the submission process on page 3rd.
Never copy or imitate Apple ads or dynamic patterns. Show your company's visual style, not Apple's.
For details about the attachment shooting, see page 14th and page 15th.

Only content that you have legal rights can be displayed. For example, do not present photos of albums or celebrities you are not authorized to display.
Please highlight the latest Apple products. If you want to display multiple Apple products at the same time, follow the correct proportion.
Only black Apple products can be used.
Only the original image of the application can be displayed. Do not add a pattern or information.
The original product is the best, and the processing is more convenient. Do not use an extreme angle.
Please "present the product truthfully" (for example, do not modify it ).
If the status bar is clearly visible, ensure the integrity of the battery and Wi-Fi signs. Do not display the carrier name.
In the video, use a simple and clear transition animation, such as fade out or dissolve.
If you want to introduce the video series used by the application to be edited, Please display a disclaimer of "series of short clips edited.
Open your application on the initial screen.
It shows the real scenarios of user interaction with Apple products. This interaction is presented in a concise manner.
Where legal information is involved, Apple's authorization statement should be included.

Do not change, distort, or strengthen Apple products in any way. The color, shape, size, and appearance of the product must be accurate.
Do not highlight the features of Apple products; Focus on the features of applications.
Do not use white Apple products.
Do not share Apple products with similar products from other vendors.
Do not use the brand awareness of apple. Applications must be based on their own characteristics.
Do not use the apple logo on the back of the product to take advantage of the brand's popularity.
Do not display the apple homepage.
Do not display the Dock icon.
Do not display a blank screen.
Do not use support, models, borders, or other decorations to modify Apple products, except for application decorations mentioned in guiding principles.
Do not present Apple products in exaggerated and unrealistic ways to attract "hesitant users ". Do not show what the product cannot do, such as flying in the air or swimming in the water.
Application Promotion

Basic Principles

Use of Apple product name
You can use the name of an Apple product, such as an iPod, iPhone, or iPad (or two or more names at the same time ), it indicates that the application can be compatible with Apple products and run on Apple products. For example, you can use the phrase "supported" or "compatible", for example, "iPhone and iPod touch" or "iPad. List all Apple products supported by the application. Do not say "iPad application" or "iPhone application ".
If the company name is included, start with the company name. The application name is followed by the corresponding Apple product name. For example, "XX Company, XX app iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch" is correct.
The Apple product name can appear with the names of other mobile and computer devices. Put the Apple product first. Although the names of similar products can be used in promotional materials, do not present images of Apple products along with images of other mobile and computer devices.
When using the names of iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, note that I is in lowercase, followed by P, followed by lowercase letters. The t of touch is also in lower case. Even if it is at the beginning of a sentence, the beginning of a paragraph, or the title, iPad, iPhone, or iPod should all start with lowercase I.
For the use of trademark and authorization statements, see page 16th.
Use of App Store

Use uppercase A and S when using App Store in titles and materials. Even non-English text, you must use an English App Store.
Before the App Store, you must also include the title of. Do not use other modifiers. For example, do not use iTunes App Store, Apple App Store, or iPhone App Store. Do not add the highest level of adjectives, such as the best App Store.
Do not use at the App Store. Use on the App Store or from App Store.
In the promotion in the United States, when App Store first appeared, use the service industry identifier (SM ).
Recommended information

Use the following suggestions to describe App Store or make your own materials.
Simplified Version copy block:
You can browse apps in the App Store and download them directly to iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.
Detailed version copy block:
Click to enter the App Store and you will see various types of applications-from games to commerce, from education to entertainment, from office to social networks. Apps in iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch take advantage of many unprecedented features, such as multi-touch and accelerometer features. These applications can be wirelessly downloaded to iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.
Website address name

Only when the apple trademark is followed by the company name and/or product name can the website contain the apple trademark name. The apple trademark can only be used on Web pages for Apple products. Do not start with an apple trademark.






Use the correct Apple product name: iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Do not use variants such as touch or iTouch.
Use clear information. Available on the App Store is a correct description. Downloaded from the App Store is also correct.
The fonts of all Titles and texts in the materials should be consistent with the company logo. The fonts of App Store and Apple product names must be consistent with those of other promotional texts.

Do not copy or imitate the advertisements, marketing activities, or information Apple has done for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and App Store.
Do not use titles, copies, icons, or images on
Do not mention the Apple OS; use the name of the Apple product to describe compatibility.
Do not list Apple product names that are not compatible with applications.
Do not imitate Apple's typographical style.
Do not imply App Store ownership or customization. For example, do not use the phrase "Find your favorite game in the (company name) App Store. You should use "Find your favorite (company name) Game in App Store ".
Do not translate iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or other Apple trademarks. Even if a trademark appears in a non-English text, it must use an English apple trademark.
Do not use the term "downloadable.
Do not mention information related to iTunes. For example, do not use the App Store on iTunes or iTunes App Store.
Do not imply Apple sponsorship or certification in any form.
Do not use a wide variety of (Myriad) fonts for App Store fonts. The layout of App Store information should conform to the overall publicity style.
Application Promotion

Audio and video

Please promote your application in strict accordance with the requirements of page 11th and page 12th. Other guiding principles on audio and video promotion will be listed here.

Audio promotion

Do not imitate Apple's advertisement. The audio tone should reflect the style of your company and product, rather than Apple's.

Focus on Application Advantages and functional advantages. Do not use the brand awareness of apple. Do not emphasize the features of Apple products.

Video clips and promotions

Only one App Store badge can be used in a short video or advertisement.

Do not imitate Apple's dynamic images or video ads. Your video should reflect your company and products.

To mention Mac in the compatibility information, see the Mac marketing resources section of the App Store resource center at

App Store badges

The App Store badge can only be used once in a video clip. As shown above, the badge must be placed in a secondary position.

Compatibility information

List the correct Apple product names.

Avoid errors

Do not mention the Apple operating system. Use the correct Apple product name.

Application attachment

Basic Principles

Apple's consent is required
Apple products can be used to present applications only after Apple's consent is obtained.
Custom photos and videos containing Apple products can only be used to display attachments.
Comply with the custom photography and video requirements mentioned on page 1.
Apple's consent must be obtained before the attachment advertisement is published or published. Please send the brochure, line chart or rough cut advertisement to the It takes at least five working days to reply. Follow the following guidelines:

Please send a series plot in PDF format.
The video format submitted for review should be Apple QuickTime (use H.264 video and AAC audio encoding ).
Please provide FTP logon or a password-protected webpage upload tool.
Please provide details about the media budget, including coverage and time.
Made for iPod

Attachments registered with the Made for iPod program do not conform to the application attachment standards described here. If your attachment is a registered product that complies with the Made for iPod Registration Agreement and the iPhone/iPad supplemental agreement, you must not only comply with the Made for iPod program, it also complies with the application marketing and advertising guiding principles mentioned here.

Attachment Packaging

Your attachments should be the focus of packaging. Apple products can only be used to help you understand how attachments run simultaneously with applications. Please use the product images provided by Apple or take photos of yourself after obtaining Apple's license (please refer to the custom photos and videos on page 10th ). Follow the following principles:

Do not use the Apple product name in the main title, or include the product name in your product name.
Please list Apple products and do not present them together with those of other companies.
Use "works with" to express compatibility. For example, the product name "works with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch ".
Please present your attachment truthfully; do not exaggerate or distort its functions.
Do not crop or distort Apple products.
Do not use violator, data string, or ad to overwrite Apple products. Do not highlight the edge of the product.
You can show the interaction between attachments and Apple products on the spot. However, the running status of product functions must be displayed accurately. The application screen must be real.
It can display images of Apple products in a real way, but do not use your hands to block the products.
The App Store badge can only appear in the brochure describing the App to be attached. Application information is usually located next to the package.
Front packing

Packaging allows users to interact with Apple products in a real way. The image must accurately display the functions of products and accessories. Make sure that the product interaction is concise and clear. Do not modify or exaggerate the features of accessories and Apple products.

Packaging side

The App Store badge can only be used when it is related to an application, and cannot be used together with an attachment.

Legal requirements

Apple Regulations

APP screen images, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch images and photos cannot mistakenly imply relationships with apple in any way, or reduce, remove, and undermine the image, value, and reputation of iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and apple.

Obtain Apple's consent

All printed or video materials and photos and videos including Apple products, whether for marketing or advertising, must be submitted to Apple and licensed prior to publishing or publishing. Submit your initial ideas, plot series diagrams, and final ideas by email. It takes at least five working days to reply. Apple can review materials that are still in progress; however, all finalized materials must be reviewed by Apple prior to publication or release.

The marketing and advertising materials you submit should reflect your company's advertising style. Do not copy or imitate the promotion of apple.

Information to be submitted to Apple for review includes the following:

Creative ad sample or plot Series
Media Plan details (including budget)
Ad Material please send to:
Send marketing materials to:
It takes at least five working days to reply.
Trademark Logo and authorization statement

During the promotion only in the United States, the first appearance of the apple trademark must carry the corresponding logo (tm sm ○ R)-for example:

IPad ○ R
IPhone ○ R
IPod touch ○ R
App StoreSM
To ensure that the Trademark Logo is correct, check the trademark list of Apple Do not add symbols to the App Store badge image provided by Apple.

In all regions, please use the corresponding authorization statement in legal copyright. For advertising, please follow industry standards, such as separately making screens with legal copyrights or providing interactive links with legal copyrights.

Use a specific Apple trademark in text and audio ads. For example:

IPad, iPhone, and iPod touch are registered trademarks of apple. App Store is the service mark of apple.

For more information on the use of the apple trademark, see "guiding principles for the use of the apple trademark and copyright"

If Apple's consent is obtained, the translation versions of Legal Notices and authorization statements (not trademarks) can be used outside the United States. Contact the iOS Developer Program for support at Do not translate the apple trademark.

Download images

According to the signed App marketing image license agreement, you can download images including App Store badges and iPad, iPhone and iPod touch photos for marketing and promotion activities.

Please visit the marketing resources page of App Store Resource Center


2012 apple. All rights reserved. Apple, Apple logo, iPad, iPhone, iPod, iPod touch, iTunes, iTunes logo, Mac, and QuickTime are all trademarks registered by Apple in the United States and other countries. Multi-touch is Apple's trademark. App Store is a service tag provided by Apple. Other products and company names mentioned here may be trademarks of various companies.

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