Resolve the PHP Web run timeout problem: Maximum execution time seconds exceeded

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Today, when testing the program, the following error message appears:

Fatal error: Maximum execution time seconds exceeded into c:inetpubwwwrootry.php on

This means that the execution time of the script exceeds the maximum of 30 seconds. 30 seconds of script execution time, for general web pages, may be a bit long, but I this application is allowed to execute the program in 2 minutes, so, 30 seconds should not be the upper limit. Modifying a program's script optimization may reduce the time it takes to execute the script, but because there are more places to change, this method is not feasible, so it is only possible to modify the 30-second limit.

After consulting the relevant information, the discovery can be modified in php.ini this document.

We open the PHP directory php.ini this file, and then look for "max_execution_time", the default of 30 seconds to the time you need to, such as me, 2 minutes to 120, note that the unit is seconds.

When you have finished modifying, save. Then, do not forget to copy this php.ini file to the c:windows below, here C: for the system disk.

Finally, restart the IIS server. Enter the "Iisreset/restart" command in DOS.

In this way, the 30-second script execution limit time is modified.

Other Related parameter explanation:

Memory_limit = 128M

The maximum memory consumed by each PHP page, the default 128M. If you feel small, you can set a larger point, such as Max_execution_time = 600

File_uploads = On

Whether to allow the switch to upload files over HTTP. The default is on, which is open


Files are uploaded to the server where temporary files are stored, and the system default temporary folder is used if unspecified.

Upload_max_filesize = 2m

Maximum number of file sizes allowed to upload. The default is 2M

Post_max_size = 8m

Refers to the maximum value that can be received by the form Post to PHP, including all the values in the form. The default is 8M

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