Rizhao railway station near a full set of [Credit first] (called Sister Health Care) What is the real service for one night?

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A group of qingguang fly in the air and fly fast forward, it is Qingli flying boat.

The ground below is still red, and the terrain is basically unchanged from the beginning. It is everywhere in a deserted plain with no vitality. The only thing that has changed is that the red clouds in the semi-air are emerging. Some of them are large and small, and they are quietly suspended in the semi-air. They do not move with the wind in the wasteland. They seem a little strange. Sitting above the boat, Han likes his knees, holding a piece of yujian in his hand and sticking it to his forehead. This Yu Jian is a map. He saw the xianfu map of 6 Yu Qing on the same day. Based on his memory, it is certainly not as similar as the source image, but it is still similar. & 1 t; I> & 1 t;/I> while observing the surrounding terrain, he tried to find the location of the map. Unfortunately, he has already found the location for these days, the red wasteland cannot be found on the map. He frowned and took down his forehead. "What is the relationship between them? It is interesting to know nothing !" Jin Tong said, lying down in a drop-down manner and yawned. Han Li did not care about Kim Tong, and his face was gloomy. He does not have the kind of mentality of Kim Tong. Although he has advanced to jinxian in the middle, his strength has been greatly improved, but he does not know any danger in this secret, but he does not dare to care about it at all. After a slight silence, he took the Yu Jian up and turned his hand to take out a piece of red message array, which was just what the man gave him.

Ysh-shui male shaobei female leisure training and apricot cheese the Rao NEO operation Vertical Slope namely

Rizhao railway station near a full set of [Credit first] (called Sister Health Care) What is the real service for one night?

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