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Before talking about what sap consultants are, what are SAP first? It is a software developed by a German company that includes advanced enterprise management ideas and is used to coordinate the operations of enterprises. It is similar to Kingdee and yonyou in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System) software. It is undeniable that sap erp is a technology or idea, so the corresponding positions are also part of the Technical flow. Some people wrote on the Internet that sap should not belong to the IT field, but should belong to the management field, and they called on everyone to do sap, then we can make up for the Management Group (the Marketing Group is another field) of one of the two most scarce talent groups in China. In fact, I personally think that sap should still be in the IT field, don't think it is Java ,. net, it is information technology, it also has its own management, and the development of information technology, its purpose is to let the lazy people find a reasonable reason for laziness, and ERP, in particular, SAP is enough to give these increasingly lazy enterprise managers an excuse and a reason for maintaining laziness and achieving stable enterprise development. (For more information, Baidu: 51sap practical center)


SAP is not an engineer or a programmer, but a consultant. In fact, the people in sap who are engaged in technology, such as ABAP and basis, can also be called technical engineers. However, because any development is inseparable from the business, the consultant is very respectful, secondly, it accurately reflects the work of SAP practitioners.


SAP consultants can be categorized according to work content: they can be divided into technical consultants and business consultants (consulting consultants/module consultants), while technical consultants can be divided into ABAP consultants and basis consultants; the business consultant divides the SD consultant, MM consultant, HR consultant and so on based on the module; if the module is based on the relationship, it can be divided into internal consultant and external consultant. The so-called internal consultant is mainly responsible for the follow-up maintenance work for enterprises that have already installed the SAP system, for example, the Business Process of the enterprise has changed, therefore, internal consultants need to make corresponding configurations and changes in the SAP system. For example, Lenovo uses the SAP system to upgrade the acquired IBM system. During the implementation process, Lenovo needs to recruit a large number of consultants to work in Lenovo, these people are called internal consultants because they belong to Lenovo. Of course, these consultants include technical consultants and module consultants. In addition, on individual modules and nodes, lenovo needs to ask a consultant from a large consulting company to help with the implementation. For example, ask an AC consultant for help. Then the AC consultant is external to Lenovo, whether it is a technical or business consultant, external Consultant. (For more information, Baidu: 51sap practical center)


In general, the growth path of an SAP consultant is from internal to external, because external, the treatment and salary will be slightly higher, however, it also means frequent business trips. So some people like to be an internal consultant in the company. In addition, some management consulting companies are also inclined to connect projects to the company to reduce costs, so that external consultants are internalized.


So what is the specific work of the SAP consultant? This is different from the Organization and module, but from a macro perspective: "SAP Consulting or implementation consulting" refers to understanding the SAP Business Solution software system and having certain management skills, specialized talents familiar with industry characteristics. SAP consultants mainly provide solutions for customers who use sap erp business solutions, such as requirement analysis, policy planning, and implementation supervision. At present, yonyou, Kingdee and other major domestic ERP enterprises have also introduced the title of consulting consultant.


Consultants are a combination of technical and management talents. A qualified implementation consultant must have financial knowledge, computer knowledge, and management knowledge. From the perspective of experience, certain enterprise management practices are required, understand one or more management processes in R & D, production planning, procurement inventory, finance, sales, and human resources of an industry. Therefore, many excellent consultants have finally become senior industry experts. Excellent consultants are generally over 30 years old. (For more information, Baidu: 51sap practical center)


Because of the high cost (expensive practice environment required) and long-term (accumulated work experience) of a consulting consultant, coupled with the demands of the enterprise information market, this leads to scarcity of ERP consulting consultants. The consultant is a high-paying career. In China, high-end talents are expensive for external consultants. After several years of work as a senior consultant or Senior Consultant, the salary will be considerable.


51sap education center is the pioneer in SAP Training Practice Teaching in China. It has abundant teachers and rigorous academic research. It is the largest sap training practice center in China. Its sap training employment rate ranks first in the industry. After nearly six years of continuous improvement, the center has gradually improved its implementation consulting, SAP training and teaching, teaching system, and global project cooperation. It is hailed as the first brand of SAP high-end practical training. At the same time, all the courses in 51sap education are built by senior consultants in the SAP industry. The courses are based on the implementation and management experience in the enterprise project practice, through complete project anatomy and a large number of hands-on operations, to allow the number of trainees to master the core of the course, more than 90% of the course content is from the real business of the enterprise. Combined with the sap official PA certification teaching system, both theory and practice are emphasized to cultivate compound and high-end talents! 51sap is looking forward to your participation!



(For more information, Baidu: 51sap practical center)

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