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Digital photography technology frees photographers from worrying about photo processing. They can take thousands of photos with confidence, and the only concern is charging. Most digital cameras store RAW photos in RAW format. These photos are not processed. Users generally need to use computer software for processing, such as converting to a better JPEG format.

Linux provides many excellent software to process RAW files, input and process RAW data, and read, write, and edit metadata. Here we have edited six excellent Linux photo management software lists for your reference. Including: Digital Camera command line Client gPhoto; digital image management tool digiKam; RAW image Conversion Program Rawstudio; and so on.

BKJIA is a Windows application replacement in Linux.


GPhoto homepage

GPhoto is a software application and development kit for digital cameras. GPhoto not only allows you to retrieve images from a camera device, but also allows you to configure and capture images on top and remotely, depending on whether the camera supports those features.


UFRaw home page

UFRaw is a raw image processing tool. It is used to process original format images in digital cameras and generate common image formats. It can be used independently or as a GIMP plug-in. The command line mode allows you to batch process images. It also supports color management, allowing users to apply preset color configurations directly.


Http:// Home Page/

DigiKam is a digital photo management software in the KDE Desktop environment. It can also run in Windows using KDE on Windows.


Rawstudio homepage

Rawstudio is a tool used in Linux to read and convert the RAW format generated by a digital camera. The main interface is shown in


ExifTool homepage /~ Phil/exiftool/

ExifTool is a platform-independent command line tool developed using Perl to read and write and edit metadata of images, audio and video files. Supported metadata types include: EXIF, GPS, IPTC, XMP, JFIF, GeoTIFF, ICC Profile, Photoshop IRB, FlashPix, AFCP, and ID3.


RawTherapee home

RawTherapee is written in C ++. It uses GTK + frontend and dcraw to read RAW files. It attracted attention because it was one of the earliest RAW Converters with available guis on the Linux platform. The developer explained the reason for open source, saying that it is not to stop developing software, but to invest in development without time/resources. He is very interested in image processing algorithms, but he is not so keen on GUI development, So he believes that the open-source/free software model will be very suitable for the future development of the project.

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