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According to statistics from the international Internet Information Center, the current email information traffic accounts for 1/3 of all data traffic, that is, basically every web contact has one or several email addresses. While enjoying the convenience and convenience that email brings to us, we may be threatened by many illegal users by email at any time.

At present, the most common attack means is "email bombs", which is also the most important part of our personal users in network security. There is also an E-mail that is not recruited, and the information that does not greet and has not been sent is both unfamiliar and suspicious. If we run the attachment, this may cause the crash of our entire computer system. Is there any way to prevent these insecure factors? I have collected and sorted out some opinions on this issue. Now I will share these opinions with you and ask you to continuously supplement and improve them.

1. email encryption

The security of the email must first ensure that the email is not stolen or changed by irrelevant persons, and the recipient must be sure that the email is sent by a valid sender. You can use the public key system for this purpose. In actual use, a user holds a key, called a private key, and discloses the other key. This key is called a public key. When a user sends an email, he first uses a one-way decomposition function to get a fixed-length decomposition value from the email. The value is related to the content of the email, which is called the fingerprint of the email, then use your own key to encrypt the fingerprint. The recipient can use his/her public key to decrypt the email and then generate a new fingerprint for comparison. This ensures that the email is sent by him rather than a counterfeit email, and that the email is not changed during sending, this process is called digital signature and verification. He can also use the recipient's public key for encryption, which ensures that only the recipient with the corresponding key can decrypt to obtain the plaintext information of the email.

2. Do not disclose your mailbox address at will

Many users may not understand how these Spammers can send emails to themselves if they do not know their email addresses? In fact, this is not how good these spam makers are, but our users inadvertently leave their addresses on the Internet. Spammers use a dedicated application called "bot" to search for e-mail addresses on the Internet. They may search for websites, chat rooms, online discussion areas, news groups, public discussion areas, and other places where they can enrich their already large databases. One of the ways to avoid receiving too many spam messages is to note that you should not publish your real mailbox address to the public on the website where you need to submit your own email address.

3. seek help from your ISP in case of an attack

Once we find that our mailbox has been bombed or we have received any information that can be confirmed, we have no good way to deal with it, what we should do at this time is to pick up the phone and ask the ISP service provider who is surfing the internet for help, they will take measures to help you clear email bombs or provide other possible solutions. When we seek help from our ISP, we 'd better not send an email to them, because it may take a long time to wait! During the waiting period, we will be more or less attacked by these illegal emails, so we need to ensure security.

4. Hide your email address

In practice, we sometimes cannot avoid posting our real addresses in public Internet occasions. To prevent illegal users from using this opportunity to steal our information, we can "process" the addresses we want to publish. The so-called "processing" is to modify the address so that the peer can understand their own address, but the computer does not recognize it. For example, the actual email address isZys666@21cn.comIf this address is published, it may be attacked in the future. Now I have agreed with the other party to add aaa before the user name and Host Name of the email address, the address format after processing isAaa.zys666@aaa.21cn.comThen, fill in the modified email address in the sender or reply text bar of the email editing window, and add a comment at the bottom to remind the recipient to modify the address before replying. In this way, the spam maker's automatic searcher can only search the modified address, but the real address is not checked.

5. Do not "get into trouble" in public"

On the Internet, whether chatting with colleagues in a chat room or competing with others on a forum, you must pay attention to words that cannot exceed the limit, not to conduct personal attacks. Otherwise, once the recipient knows your mailbox address, it is very likely that the recipient will blow you up or send spam information. In addition, do not easily paste your webpage address or product advertisement posts around the Internet, or directly send such things that may be considered as spam to a stranger's mailbox, this is because it is very likely to arouse the resentment of others, or even lead to the other party's "bomb" revenge or other threats.

6. Use the filter function

It is a very passive method to request help from the ISP and not to "get angry" outside. It is generally suitable for beginners, and to install a filter (such as E-mail 127y) in the email) it can be said that it is the most effective preventive measure. Check the sender's information before receiving any email. If you find anything suspicious, you can delete it to prevent it from entering your email system. However, this method sometimes deletes some useful emails by mistake. If you are worried that someone will maliciously destroy your mailbox and send you a blockbuster, you can use the filter function in the mail software to set your email server, when a large email address exceeds your mailbox capacity, it is automatically deleted to ensure the security of your mailbox. For example, we use "Outlook Express" as an example. Open "Tools"> "Inbox Assistant" and click "add". In the dialog window, you can set the maximum mailbox size to 5 MB) in the condition dialog box, select "greater than" and enter a value (for example, 5 MB) in the value column. Then, select "delete from server" in the Operation dialog box. In the future, when your email server receives a large email that exceeds 5 MB, it will be automatically deleted to ensure the security of your mailbox.

7. process the address provided by the News Reader

If a user publishes a message in a newsgroup, anyone can see it and know the e-mail address provided by the user. To avoid this situation, the address you provide to the newsgroup reader should be processed. In Microsoft Outlook 98 and Microsoft Outlook Express, open Tools, Accounts, and News, select the News server, and then select Properties. On the General tab, you will see an e-mail address, and perhaps a Reply address. change one or both of them to the processed form. Click OK and Close to return to the main news reader.

Do not forget to add a warning message to remind the recipient to modify the address. The warning information is used as the description, which can be automatically appended to all sent news messages. In Outlook or Outlook Express, open Tools, Stationery, and Signature to create your own settings.

8. Use the automatic reply function with caution

The so-called "automatic reply" means that if the recipient sends a letter to your mailbox and you do not receive it in time, the email system will automatically send a confirmation letter to the sender according to your previous settings. This feature has brought convenience to everyone, but it may also make it an email bomb! Think about it. If the email account system used by the sender has the automatic reply function enabled, when you receive the email from the sender but do not receive it in time, your system will automatically send a confirmation letter to him. It happens that he did not receive a letter in time, so his system will automatically send you a confirmation letter. In this way, the automatic confirmation letter will be repeatedly sent in the system of both of you until the mailbox of both of you is burst! Although some email systems have taken measures to prevent this situation, you must be careful when using the "automatic reply" function.

9. Protect the email address in the email list

If you discuss a topic with a group of people via E-mail and want to include your E-mail address in the list of public mail addresses, the processing address is still desirable. The above discussion group is similar to a newsgroup, but it is carried out through E-mail. These public discussions are often loaded online, which is attractive to spam makers. In Outlook, you can use the Tools and Services options to modify the address, select Internet mail service, and click Properties. The setting method looks the same as that for newsgroups. You must restart Outlook to make these changes take effect.

Adding your email address to the one-way mail list or registering your address on the bulletin board with good reputation will hardly include your address in the list of spammers. Good organizational software such as the bulletin board has strict protection measures to prevent outsiders from obtaining the Registrar's address.

10. Always be alert for email virus attacks

Nowadays, viruses are spreading faster and faster on the Internet. To prevent virus infection, we 'd better not access illegal websites or download or run programs without names. For example, if you receive an email with an attachment and the attachment is a file with an extension of EXE, you must never run it at will, because this unknown truth program, it may be a system that destroys the program. Attackers often email you the system damage program with a different name, with some spoofed theme. They lie to you and say, "This is a good thing. You must try it ", "Help me test the program" and so on. You must be vigilant! To treat these seemingly friendly and well-intentioned email attachments, what we should do is to immediately delete these unknown files.

11. Put the spam in the spam folder.

If there are many emails, you need to classify and manage the emails you receive. clearing spam is a top priority. Most email readers provide spam filters or rules that allow you to clear emails that look like spam. Because the filters are not perfect, do not automatically clear emails, instead move them to the spam folder. Check these folders occasionally to prevent emails that are mistakenly viewed as spam.

Open Tools, Organize, and Junk E-mail in Outlook 98 to activate the spam filter.

12. Reject "cookies"

Many websites use imperceptible technologies to secretly collect the email address information you entered in the form. The most common is to use cookies to record the browsing behavior and habits of visitors accessing the Internet. If you do not want the cookie program to record your personal privacy information, you can make necessary settings in the browser and ask the browser to remind you before accepting the Cookie, or simply reject them. Generally, cookies are automatically deleted from the computer when the browser is closed. However, many cookies are normally stored on the hard disk to collect user-related information, in fact, these cookies are designed to reside in our computing

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