See coffee fire and coffee smell again-sun plans to change the stock market trading code sunw to Java

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From choosing open-source Java GPL license, to extending the x86 product line, to the current stock Code From "sunw" to "Java", schwazz is showing us a brand new, flexible sun, instead of an ancient sun. It requires innovation, innovation, and re-innovation. Any stubborn guy is destined to be eliminated. When everyone appreciates Sun's past, does not care about the present, and does not care about the future, they are very happy to see the ending in spring. This is exactly: see coffee fire again, smell coffee incense again.

Background:To make full use of the "Java" brand, Sun plans to change the stock market trading code from "sunw" to "Java" next week"

Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz said in his blog on Thursday that the company launched this initiative because Java has a greater influence than Sun's. sun's Stock Exchange Code sunw is mainly used to characterize the company's predecessor, Stanford University Network workstation ). he said: "We found that there are far more people who know Java than those who know Sun. java has almost infinite value for the Internet, and it is also an inseparable part of sun."
Sun predicts that 1 billion consumers around the world know the Java mark, that is, a hot coffee cup. Java is Programming Language It is also a platform that can run Java and other applications. currently, Java has been applied to 2 billion mobile phones around the world and has been widely used in PCs and servers. java plays an important role in Sun's many businesses, which is another reason why Sun has changed the stock market trading code. sun is generally considered a server vendor, but shuwatz wants to enhance Sun's software business.
"Java represents an infinite opportunity for our software, systems, storage, services, and micro-electronics businesses and is open to our leaders Source code Community This is also true. "Sun has been using the Java brand for many years. Article Mainly through consumer-oriented marketing activities. however, since the advent of Java Technology in 1995, other companies have made more achievements in Java commercialization, and sun has been criticized by the industry. to give full play to the role of Java, Sun hopes to attract software developers from more companies and startups. sun has made Java open source code in the form of GPL authorization, and plans to open source code for all its software products in the future.
Sun's change to the stock trading code may cause controversy. for example, a sun partner from Germany said that people are not very impressed with Java. in many people's minds, Java is synonymous with "slowness. in addition, sun may be opposed by other companies. java platforms and languages have been widely used in products of hundreds of vendors, but sun has been controlling the Java brand and limiting other vendors to use Java names in products.


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