Selenium + Python deployment automation test environment

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Choosing Selenium and Python is really selfish: code two lines of Python, familiar with familiarity. Selenium has many advantages, and what I value most is support for multiple languages, simple enough, and support for browsers. Practical work, simple and practical really important, who do not want to see a big piece of documents, and then see a bunch of twisted into the code. Enterprises want is efficiency and credit, elbow grease is not able to get through the leadership. Elbow grease more, technology again advanced, forcing lattice again high, also not as simple and brutal to create benefits come true! Here's a record of the environment deployment process 1. Download Python first, then install Python, I use the python2.7, and then add the Python installation directory to the environment variable 2. Install Python Setuptools, refer to attachment 13. Install Python package management tool PIP, enter the DOS command, select the Python installation directory, for example, my installation directory is "C:\Python27", the path into DOS is "c:\Python27\Scripts" 4. Execute the Install command "Easy_install pip", wait for the installation to complete 5. Install the Python-based Selenium installation package, cmd window into the Python installation directory to execute the command "Pip install Selenium", waiting for the installation to complete; 6. Download Firefox plugin, see annex 2


Input code: From selenium import webdriverdriver=webdriver. Chrome () driver.get ("") pop-up browser, and enter the Baidu interface, to prove the successful installation;

Selenium + Python deployment automation test environment

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