Senior Network Manager teaches you to install the database step by step (2) _ MySQL

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Senior Network Management teaches you step by step to install the database (2) II. MYSQL initialization:

MYSQL initialization mainly completes the administrator password setting and test whether the database connection is normal.

Step 1: Go to the c:/usr/mysql/bin directory, which is the directory we just selected during installation. (7

: Enter the c:/usr/mysql/bin directory

Step 2: find the program named winmysqladmin.exe in the directory and double-click it to run it.

Step 3: When the program is started for the first time, the computer will automatically check whether a user exists on the MySQL database server. In general, the default user name is root and the password is blank. The system will prompt you to create a user. you can enter the user information according to your preferences. Enter the user name as root, and enter the password as needed. Click "OK" to complete the settings. (8)

Figure 8: enter the user name and password

Step 4: MYSQL will run normally, and you will see its icon in the taskbar in the lower right corner. A sign similar to a traffic signal. when it is started, the sign in the system Bar is a green light. if it is a stopped sign, the red light is displayed. if there is a problem, the yellow light is displayed. (9)

Figure 9: View MYSQL status

Step 5: click the traffic signal sign and select Show me to enter the management panel. (10)

0: go to the management panel.

Step 6: On the MYSQL management panel, you will see the basic configuration information and the names of each database and table, which will be used later. (11)

1: View basic MYSQL configuration information

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