Several Methods for passing values between ASP. NET pages

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Button#click (= +Page_Load (= Request. QueryString [

Presumably, this is definitely the most common usage. Its operations are similar to those of the Application, which act on individual users. Therefore, excessive storage will result in the depletion of server memory resources.

Button#click (] =Page_Load (= Session [

This is also a common method. Cookies are used to store small pieces of information in a user's browser and store user-related information, such as the user ID and user preferences when a user accesses a website, the user can retrieve the previous information from the next visit. Therefore, cookies can also pass values between pages. The Cookie is sent back and forth between the browser and the server through the HTTP header. A Cookie can only contain string values. If you want to store an integer value in a Cookie, you must first convert it to a string.

,(1) a. aspx

Button#click (= HttpCookie (,= Request. Cookies []. Value;

Button#click (] =Page_Load (= Application [

This can be said to be the method used for face object development. It uses Server. the Transfer method directs the process from the current page to another page. The new page uses the response stream of the previous page. Therefore, this method is completely object-like and concise and effective.

{Button#click (Page_Load (newWeb =

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