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Tables are always the best way to show your data. In Microsoft Excel, for example, we can sort, organize, edit, or even click on a few clicks to easily filter data. This time, we look at the JavaScript grid plug-in, using JS application, it converted to normal table to "class Excel" layout, and there are loading, operation, view the data of a heap of functions.

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Here are 7 JavaScript grid plug-ins, all of them have good features and nice UI, which will be very useful.

1. Flexigrid

Flexigrid is a grid similar to the Ext gird, but developed based on jquery. Its features include: You can adjust column widths, merge column headings, pagination, sort, show/hide tables, and more. The data displayed by Flexigrid can be obtained via Ajax or converted from a normal table.

2. Editablegrid

Editablegrid is a JavaScript Library that enables standard HTML tables to be editable and sortable. This library allows users to automatically edit cells using the appropriate editor such as Textfields, checkbox, and built-in multiple input validators (integer, double, URL, e-mail, and date). In addition, Editablegrid also has an optional integrated open Flash Chart, which automatically converts the data in the table to a chart.

3. Jqgrid

Jqgrid is a jquery plug-in for displaying grid data, with a comprehensive document with Chinese versions. It can be integrated with any server-side technology, including PHP, ASP, Java servlets, JSP, ColdFusion, and Perl.

4. Tablesorter

Tablesorter is a jquery plug-in used to sort tabular data directly on the browser without refreshing the page again, supporting a variety of cell data types, such as values, strings, dates, and custom sorting.

The main features include:

Multi-column sorting

Supports text, URL address, numeric, IP address, date type, and custom type sorting

Supports the ROWSPAN and COLSPAN attributes of TH elements

Support for a second hidden field sort

Extensible appearance

Small program, only 7.4K after packing


DataTables is a jquery form plugin. This is a highly flexible tool, based on a step-by-step enhancement, which will add advanced interactive controls that support any HTML table. Main Features:

Automatic page-handling

Instant Tabular Data filtering

Data sorting and automatic data type detection

Automatically process column widths

Custom styles can be customized through CSS

Support for hidden columns


Scalability and flexibility


Create a table dynamically

Free of charge.

6. Slickgrid

Slickgrid is a simple, fast, flexible form control. You can hide/show columns, adjust column widths, sort, customize cell display formats and editors, and support editing and creating new records.

7. Grid from JQuery UI (coming soon)

The JQuery UI team is developing a rich application, fast grid widget that strengthens HTML tables for data linking, sorting, typesetting, filtering, row selection, insert editing, and more.

However, there is no release, no need to wait too long, Oschina will track the project. With: jquery to force plug-ins Big Parade

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