share files between mac and windows 7

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In Windows 7, how does one share files? How to share files in Windows 7

"-"advanced sharing" as shown in the following figure. 3. In advanced sharing, we first check "Share this folder" and then click "Apply" and "OK" button. 4. If a folder is set to be shared, all of its subfolders will be set to be shared by default. 5. Right-click the folder you want to share, select Properties-Security-edit as shown in the following image.6. Then we click the "Add" button

Share settings of Windows 7 and Mac OS X

Document directory Conclusion: Share settings of Windows 7 and Mac OS X In WindowsIn XP, it is very easy to set up shared folders and MAC system sharing, because Windows XP does not provide Vista and windows7 more security meas

How to share files between Windows, MAC, and Linux through the network

How to share files between Windows, MAC, and Linux through the network Sharing family files once had a nightmare, even in different Windows versions-not even considering Mac and Linux!

Share hard disk files between MAC in VMware and windows on the host

Original article: how to configure file sharing with the host on a virtual machine with a Mac operating system installed. After the Mac was virtualized last time, there must be another problem, that is, putting windows into the MAC system. Of course you can use a USB flash drive, but I still need to plug it i

How do I share Windows files with my Mac?

Apple Mac OS X and Windows are two different operating systems, but sometimes we also need to share files in two different operating systems, so can Mac access the shared files under the Windo

Ways to share files between Windows 7 and XP

Sharing, since Vista has been a much discussed topic, especially the sharing between different systems seems particularly difficult. Today we'll take a look at how Windows 7 and XP share files. With the homegroup (homegroup) feature, the sharing of files between two

How Windows 7 virtual machines share hosts ' files

Q: My computer is the flagship of Windows 7, using the virtual machine software of Microsoft Virtual PC, how do I get the virtual machine to share the host files? A: After starting the virtual machine, click "Tools→insert Integration Disk" and then uninstall the old version of the integration tool in the virtual machi

How to share files between Windows 7 and Ubuntu in VirtualBox

The Virtual Box Virtual machine is installed in Windows 7, and then the Ubuntu operating system is installed in the Virtual machine. The file sharing method between the two operating systems is as follows: 1. Create a shared folder in Windows 1. First, create a folder in windows 7

Turns Windows 7 into a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing mobile phones and laptops to share the Internet with Windows 7 to build a wireless LAN

Turns Windows 7 into a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing mobile phones and laptops to share the Internet with Windows 7 to build a wireless LANTurn Windows 7 into a Wi-Fi hotspot, so that mobile

How to use AirDrop to share files and send files to iOS devices on a Mac

The AirDrop feature in the Mac makes it easy for you to wirelessly send files from your Mac to people around you who use iOS devices to share photos, videos, locations, and more. So how do Apple devices share files and send

Create a wireless point-to-point network to allow Mac and Windows 7 to access the shared folder of the other party.

There are two laptops, One Mac and the other Windows 7 at home. Now we need to allow both computers to access each other's files, so we plan to create a point-to-point Wireless LAN. 1. Create a wireless network in the MAC system. First, enable the airport, that is, enable t

Detailed steps for setting up an SVN server on a Windows 7 virtual machine under Mac (This method is also for simple Windows system build SVN)

---restore content starts---Then the previous article (, next for the small partners to share about the Mac build Windows 7 virtual machine to build SVN on the specific method, no nonsense to say, Directly on the dry goods.First, prepare the material:

How to share a printer when the host is Windows 7 and the client is Windows XP

First, host WINDOWS7 system setup 1. Install the WIN7 printer driver first. Shut down the system firewall. Turn off system firewall: Go to Computer "control Panel" → " windows firewall" → "Turn on or off windows firewall" → "Shut down firewall". 2. Click on the lower left corner of the computer "start" → "devices and printers"-Find th

Share access to Windows Server 2000 Server in Windows 7

Windows 7 tries to access the shared folder on a Windows 2000 Server after installation. However, no matter how the user name and password are lost, the firewall of Windows 7 is disabled, and NETBIOS and so on are still not resolved, and later found that after

Mac share files to Win7 users

My Mac has project files and configured PHP and its framework environment, which need to be accessible to Win7 users and can modify files. The premise is two people in a network segment OH ~1. First put my IP address and domain name into the Win7 user's hosts.Address is C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts, before you

How to configure Mac OS X to share networks with Windows

After you install Parallels Desktop on your Mac, Windows is set to share network settings with Mac OS X by default. Windows programs can access other computers and the Internet on the local network by using the MAC's IP address. Windows

How to use a remote CD to share a DVD or CD on a Mac or Windows

Insert the MacOS X 1 installation disc of the MacBook Air and run "DVD or CD sharing Settings ". If you are using a Windows-based computer (Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later), continue to Step 5. If you are using a Mac-based computer (Mac OS X 10.4.10 or later), go to "system pref

For Windows 7 and VMware Workstation10, deploy the IOS development environment [install Mac OS X Server10.6] And vmwareios

For Windows 7 and VMware Workstation10, deploy the IOS development environment [install Mac OS X Server10.6] And vmwareiosWindows 7, VMware Workstation10 deployment IOS development environment Mac OS X Server10.6 system installation The basic situation is

Share Disk Files in MAC and XP

3. macdrive is used not only to display resources between MAC and XP, but also to share resources.Solution:01-install macdrive8 first02-do not select update after installation03-Restart04-After restarting, select "I have a serial number to enter"05-run the registration machine to obtain the serial number. Do not close the registration machine!06-select "show other activation options"07-select I don't have a

Automatically unzip files on Windows share under Windows

REM mkdir C:\buildMD c:\buildREM Mount the Windows share to Z DriveNET use x: \\\Infa_Shared\Infa_Build\Mercury\AT_build\WindowsREM Start unzip Windows build to local machine, no need to copyX:for/f "delims=|"%%i In (' DIR ' * * "/b/o:d ') do SET newest=%%iStart winrar x%newest% c:\buildKnowledge Points:1. REM is the bat annotation2. Basic commands s

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