Share-daily share: How to easily learn JavaScript and subscribe to javascript

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Share-daily share: How to easily learn JavaScript and subscribe to javascript
Js is always so messy for beginners. I believe many beginners are looking for a way to learn JavaScript easily. I tried to sum up my many years of js experience, hoping to find a "easy way to learn js" for later learners ". Most of the reason js gives people that feeling is because it has the following features: A: Its knowledge is abstract and obscure, such as closures, built-in objects, and DOM. B: There is a lot of content, such as function libraries and object libraries. C: mixed with multiple programming ideas. It not only involves process-oriented programming ideas, but also object-oriented programming ideas. At the same time, its object-oriented and other programming languages (such as C ++, JAVA, PHP) not big. It's as if it's new, and you have doubts about the object-oriented model you have learned ...... D: after hard work, it seems to be out of touch with practical applications. After learning js basics for a long time, you also know a little about variables, functions, and objects, but it is hard to get started when the company develops projects. This is because companies usually use its derivative libraries directly when developing actual projects, such as jquery, angular, boostrap, amaze, layui, and ueditor, it also has its own difficulties. You don't know which one to learn, or even doubt if you want to learn Javascript. It seems that there are multiple versions of js, and you can't finish learning it ...... So how can we easily or even easily learn in the js field? I have summarized some practical js Learning Experience: First of all, we must grasp its position and never forget it. Otherwise, it is easy to make a mistake that is "invisible. If you don't want to learn JavaScript For a long time, you will know that JavaScript is a programming language, that is, writing code, and having a mess of features, it is hard to learn js. Always grasp its position, specifically its position in the whole WEB: it is the core of the front-end, mainly used to manipulate and re-adjust the DOM, by modifying the DOM structure, to modify the page effect. We should use this central idea to guide all subsequent js learning and form conditioned reflection. There must be a clear learning route, which can only be used by people to provide you with reference. My learning path is as follows: A: the basic part of js, such as the processing of defining variables, functions, arrays, strings, built-in functions, and built-in objects. B: js is designed for process-oriented programming. It encapsulates various functions and tries to use these functions for some common small functions, such as tabs, custom multiple-choice buttons, custom players, and 3D slides; c: js object-oriented programming ideas. Try to encapsulate some of your own objects and provide meaningful interfaces. D: Learn the above content and then learn common libraries, jquery must be learned here; E: Common plug-ins Based on Jquery, such as bootstrap, Layer, and rich text editor. F: Write the template of the actual project by using multiple libraries above, and write several more sets. Note: My learning method is summarized as follows: A: buy A few more foreign js books and do not buy 20-day proficient books. Otherwise, it would be hard for you to learn it. Even more afraid, you may have learned it for three months after you bought a good book. They will be able to take you for two years ...... Book recommendation (for reference only) javaScript DOM programming art, JavaScript authoritative guide, javaScript DOM advanced programming, JavaScript design pattern, and sharp jquery strive to practice the functions in the book multiple times by yourself, not once. I read hundreds of books for my own purposes. B: Learn and comprehend what you have learned from multiple perspectives, and create a function from multiple perspectives. For example, you did it from the process-oriented perspective, now we can try again from the object-oriented perspective, or continue to make plug-ins that can be used directly, providing attributes and methods. We strive to make this function available to the actual project. The advantage is that you have applied what you have learned in a comprehensive and practical way. C: Be sure not to take a long time and never take off a very small hands-on opportunity, such as creating a tab. Never think that you do not need to write similar or even better plug-ins by yourself. The knowledge is others', not yours, even if you use it, it will not improve your technical skills. Ask yourself more, what should I do if I want to do it? D: when you are down to earth, do not look at the functions that have already appeared on the Internet. Let them stimulate your learning enthusiasm and try to learn simulation, mobilize your knowledge to integrate with reality. E: write more Summary This summary not only includes the source code, display effect, but also should easily make mistakes and corresponding solutions as well as the last one or two concise and conclusive statements. The summary you have written is not finished. You need to review more, improve more, and streamline the summary. When we are working on a project, we should know what we are talking about by reading one or two sentences, instead of going to a long article. F: Building a knowledge map helps you learn more clearly, for example, You can follow your own steps to create a knowledge map. Note: The knowledge map should also be modified and corrected frequently to make it more reasonable and clearer. Note A: make full use of all the means many people always feel that time is tight and there is no large amount of time to learn. I want to say that you will not learn. You should not just complain, but use all means to learn. You must know that not only reading books is called learning. When you sit down in a certain place, think about it, and sum up, you are also called learning. If you have inspiration, you can record it, for example, recording it on your mobile phone, and so on. This is called learning. B: you must stay calm. There is no one-stop success. Otherwise, it is not a success. It can only be called "lucky ". It is not only necessary to honestly implement every function, but also to constantly improve and correct it. This process is a long process and a test of whether a person is a talent. C: Pay attention to cultivating your confidence. At this time, you may not be able to combine the source code of complex and dazzling web page effects, or learn jquery, angular, vue, and bootstrap. This content contains a lot of profound knowledge in it. Learning this directly without any foundation will seriously hurt your self-confidence. At this time, you are weak. What you need is to cultivate confidence, rather than the opposite. Otherwise, the ending may be "failed" and you will be far away from learning. D: those who want to learn more can learn more and stand on the shoulders of giants. E: Don't waste on tools. There are a lot of js editing tools. If you have no idea, we recommend using sublime or Hbuilder. Many technical staff in the company use this tool, you can directly use this to reduce communication problems with others. I also use this. It feels good. In summary, the reason why Javascript is "messy" is that you are too "smart". In the beginning, the management is too wide, and the profits and losses are calculated too precisely. If the requirement is too perfect, the mental endurance is reduced, and it is easy to see a "fault ". At this time, you should be "stupid", don't be so long-term, "stupid people have silly blessings", as long as you do it well today is enough. Some unreasonable learning methods and attitudes also make you lose yourself: For example, you may be confused and cannot extricate yourself in front of the "messy" js. At this point, you should reposition yourself, re-recognize js, and put down the burden so that you can easily get started. Empty the cup before pouring new water ...... In fact, js is the core of the front-end. More and more influential Internet + will be eager for more and more js talents. Only after truly unforgettable learning experiences can we create a true elites who will win the future. Reprint: article transfers the self-splitting Network

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