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Share The PHP website construction process and steps. As an open-source language, PHP has developed many mature open-source systems at home and abroad, which are sufficient for individuals and enterprise users to build their own WEB sites. The following describes the process and steps for building PHP websites. PHPAs an open-source language, many mature open-source systems at home and abroad have been developed to meet the needs of individual and enterprise users to build their own WEB sites. The following describes the PHP site building process and steps.

No matter whether you use PHP to create a personal or enterprise website, the website construction process is generally consistent, involving domain name registration, server (space) selection, understanding user needs, website positioning, PHP site creation process selection and development.

Domain name registration for website construction process

Domain name registration has some basic principles, such as domain name as short as possible, easy to remember, domain names include website keywords, etc. for enterprise websites, you can use the company name or the core product sold as the domain name, etc, however, I think these are not the most important. you can think of them as SEO optimization skills. The most important thing is to do a good job in website content and provide valuable services.

Website construction process-server (space) selection

The choice of servers or spaces must first be stable, which affects not only the feelings of visitors, but also the feelings of search engine spider. For personal friends or grass-roots entrepreneurial teams who build their own websites, we recommend using space in the initial stage. this is a relatively cost-effective way. do not blindly choose servers. this will not only increase the overhead, but also reduce the maintenance cost.

Website construction process-website positioning

After the domain name registration and space selection are completed, you must have a reasonable positioning for your website before developing the website. what do you need to think about? Who is the target user group for the website? What can a website provide to target users? What is the core competitiveness of websites compared with other websites? What are the long-term objectives of website development? After figuring out these problems, we can start with the best strategy to avoid a lot of detours.

SEO planning and implementation for website construction process

Before website construction, you must plan and implement SEO, such as website keyword analysis, selection of core keywords for website Title optimization, URL planning, and website framework structure design.

Website construction process-Website Development

Before developing a website, you must select a development language. for personal or small-and medium-sized enterprises to build a website, we recommend that you use PHP for website construction. because PHP is an open-source language, A wide range of open-source PHP systems are provided. you only need to select the appropriate one based on your own needs and Perform Secondary development as appropriate.

Note: For servers selected, you must install and configure the PHP environment before developing a PHP website. Some PHP open-source systems come with PHP installation programs, which can give full play to all their advantages, we recommend that you set up the PHP runtime environment based on the characteristics of the selected PHP open-source system. for the selected space, this installation configuration is omitted, however, you must first understand which functions are provided in the PHP space and which functions are not supported. for example, some spaces do not support Apache Mod_rewrite for pseudo-static.

After the above-mentioned website construction procedures, a website is basically built up. these are the basic processes and experience of building your own website. In fact, there are more than these website construction procedures, website construction is a system project that also involves website promotion and website maintenance processes. you need to constantly summarize and learn.

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As an open source language, has developed many mature open source systems at home and abroad, enough to meet personal and enterprise users to build their own WEB site, The following describes the PHP site building process and steps...

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